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Simpson Honors Convocation 2023


One day each spring, the Simpson community gathers in Smith Chapel to celebrate student achievement. This academic year’s Honors Convocation was held on April 19.

One award is reserved for a faculty member. The 2023 Faculty Award for Distinguished Research, announced by President Marsha Kelliher, was awarded to John Pauley, Department Chair of Philosophy, Professor of Philosophy and Director of Interdisciplinary Studies.

Over 50 students were recognized for their outstanding achievements. Below is the full list of awards.

Division of Visual and Performing Arts

Cornerstone Award -- Wendy Soto

Outstanding Seniors in Theatre Arts -- Ashley Kientoff  & Tanner Striegel

Outstanding Senior in Graphic Design -- Katie Burns

Frank Barrows Award -- Maddy Hanson

Sven and Mildred Lekberg Music Award -- Noel Roberts

Division of Social Sciences

Carl Halgren Certificate of Excellence in Psychology -- Donivan Kinghorn & Alaina Gerdes

Outstanding Senior in Political Science -- Colbee Cunningham

Everett Laning ’53 Award in Sociology -- Lexi Johnston

Outstanding Seniors in Criminal Justice -- Tori Barksdale & Hannah Murphy

Outstanding Senior in Human Services -- Breanna Ellis

Fred Jones Outstanding Master of Arts in Criminal Justice Graduate Award --Cami Schmalz

Epsilon Sigma Recognition

Students inducted in 2022: Eliza Frentress, Alexa Johnston, Allie Tubbs

New initiates, class of 2023: Colbee Cunningham, Breanna Ellis, Grace Fleming, Alisha Kauten, Donivan Kinghorn, Tyler Love, Hannah Murphy, Noah Nelsen, Scout Peery

New Initiates, class of 2024: Kacie Cowman, Clarissa Huisman

Division of Natural Sciences

L. Mildred Wilson Science Award -- Clarissa Huisman

Doft Science Honor Awards:

Audrey Arnold, Elizabeth Conroy, Kacie Cowman, Blake DePhillips,

Layna Depping, Sam Derning, Christina Dietrich, Chloe Diskey,

Hannah Duncan, Maggie Fitzpatrick, Elly Flaherty, Dayton Gatewood,

Breana Hinson, Jace Howard, Morgan Kerkman, Simon Lewiston,

Paul Llamas, Bailey Petersen, Anthony Potratz, Jeffrey Roberts,

Katelyn Smith, Zach Wemhoff, Leah Wilson, Andrew Wolff

Jordan Science Achievement Award -- Noah Nelsen

Outstanding Senior in Chemistry/Biochemistry/Forensics -- Dillon Berg

Outstanding Students in General Chemistry -- Maddax Devault  & Jake Gioffredi

Outstanding Senior in Physics -- Buck Eagleburger

Margaret L. Watson Awards in Biology:

Senior: Emma Lowden

Junior: Audrey Arnold

Outstanding Senior in Environmental Science -- Sky Delzell

Hiram Doty Research Award -- Daniel Ordaz

Outstanding Freshman in Biology -- Sally Werth

Outstanding Senior in Computer Science -- Robbie Wagner

Outstanding Seniors in Computer Information Systems -- Tyler Erdman & Grayson Hardin

Outstanding Senior in Management Information Systems -- Grace Fleming

Outstanding Senior in Interactive Media -- Katie Burns

Outstanding Senior in Data Science -- Sam McCoy

Outstanding Senior in Actuarial Science -- Noah Nelsen

Outstanding Senior in Mathematics -- Franchesca DeVore

Division of Humanities

Leopold Award in History -- Hannah Curtis & Anaka Wamstad-Evans

Joe Walt Senior History Award -- Allie Tubbs

Outstanding Senior in English -- Alyssa Love

Clerk’s Award -- Summer Pasutti

Larry Stewart Award in Literature -- Katie Robey

Nancy St. Clair Prize -- Alisha Kauten

Outstanding Senior in World Languages and Culture Studies -- Mackenzie Newendorp

Outstanding Senior in Humanities -- Trenity Rosenberg

Division of Education and Sport and Health Sciences

Outstanding Senior in Sports Administration -- Ryan Willis

Outstanding Senior in Sport Science -- Maya Gault

Dick Starr Award -- Rhett Darland

Leadership in Education -- Caitlyn Potter

Outstanding Senior in Elementary Education -- Abby Cozzoni

Outstanding Senior in Secondary Education -- Kennedi Wright

Outstanding Graduate Student -- Dakota Bunnell

Dr. Donna J. Helble ’71 Award Winner for Outstanding Junior in Elementary Education -- Lani Mears

Division of Business Administration and Multimedia Communications

Outstanding Senior in Marketing Communication -- Alyssa Whitham

Outstanding Senior in Multimedia Journalism -- Ethan Humble

Outstanding Senior in Sports Communication -- Jake Brend

Outstanding Senior in Management -- Lucas Smith

R. J. Samson CEO (Collegiate Entrepreneurs’ Organization) Award -- Carina Covington

Lisle C. Wilson Outstanding Junior -- Marc Medici

Feyerharm Award for Outstanding Junior -- Lauren Wilgenbusch

Heckert Award for Outstanding Senior in Economics -- Louie Hoehle

Institute of Management Accountants -- Grace Fleming

Iowa Society of Certified Public Accountants -- Carina Covington

Outstanding Senior in Health Services Leadership -- Judith Meyer

General Recognition

Volunteer of the Year Award -- Sadie Green

Omicron Delta Kappa (ODK) Emerging Leader Award -- Jaden Brown

Women’s and Gender Studies Program Scholarship Award -- Monserrat Saucedo

E.G. Booth Award -- Jessica Jacobs

Barborka Award -- Spencer Moon

President’s Award in Human Relations -- Nina Ortiz

Distinguished Research Award -- John Pauley