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Backing Healthy Families


“We would go as a family and get adjusted,” says Preston, a doctor of chiropractic in the Des Moines area. “It’s something that I always remember and recall being kind of a treat.”

Brooke came to admire her hometown chiropractor as much more than a trusted health professional. He made a memorable impact as her high school basketball coach and their families formed close ties while going to church together. She quickly learned that enjoying a fruitful life goes well beyond professional accomplishments.

“He was really involved in our community and I wanted that for myself,” says Preston. “So when I envisioned the life that I wanted, this was just kind of the obvious choice for me.”

Learning to Adjust and Excel

When Brooke transferred to Simpson, she immediately immersed herself in abundant student opportunities. She seemingly did most everything —from TriBeta Biological Honor Society, Pre-Health Society and ExerciseScience Club to cheerleading, Triathlon Club and Catholic WorkerHouse volunteer.

Brooke concedes her classes at Simpson were anything but a breeze. When she was struggling with organic chemistry, Dr. Derek Lyons, associate professor of chemistry and physics, provided her with some insightful intervention that helped change the trajectory of her academic career.

“He actually helped identify that I have a little bit of a learning disability,” says Preston.” I am so grateful he took the time to help me; I did so much better in his class and others after that.”

She continued to thrive academically in chiropractic school. Brooke earned a $15,000 scholarship from ChiroHealthUSA for her achievements there and went on to graduate with honors.

Family Friendly Focus

Nearing four years of practicing chiropractic care, Preston says she relishes the rewarding dynamic between sharing and advancing her professional skills while finding a variety of ways to engage and give back to her community — and Simpson College.

No two days are the same at the office, where she treats a wide range of patients and cases.

“I’ve had patients as young as four days and as old as 97 years,” says Preston.“Family care is something I absolutely love. I’m really passionate about helping people with wellness and their overall health care routines.”

A certified specialist in pregnancy, prenatal and pediatric chiropractic care, she counts helping new moms and their babies among her greatest joys.

“A lot of times moms come in who want to breastfeed, but they are having difficulty,” says Preston. “Helping infants with their relaxation makes them better sleepers and eaters—and they’re often more able to latch. Seeing their difficulties go away is the most amazing thing.”

Minding Her Own Business

Brooke recently opened her own practice, Bloom Chiropractic Company, in West Des Moines. She shared proceeds from her Grand Opening with Can Play,” a nonprofit dedicated to providing athletic opportunities free of charge for children and adults with financial or adaptive needs.

Amidst the many demands of business ownership, Brooke still finds time to coach “Girls on the Run,” a national YMCA program for third- through fifth-graders. “We prepare them to run a 5K. We also teach them about confidence, body image, and self-talk. Being able to make an impact in my community is what I’m really looking forward to the most.”

When she’s not providing direct care for patients or serving her community, you can often find Brooke back on Simpson’s campus. An active member of Simpson's Alumni Association, she frequently shares her insights with the Pre-Health Society and provides one-on-one mentoring for students.

Great Expectations

As a lifelong learner, Brooke continually embraces opportunities to enhance her skills and expertise. She also presents seminars across the country, teaching chiropractic students and other doctors of chiropractic about various care techniques.

Whether it’s mentoring, teaching, learning or giving back, Brooke says she holds herself to high standards. She’s driven to be an exceptionally competent and caring chiropractor willing to make any adjustment necessary to ensure excellence in all she does.

“I’ve had a chance to do some really cool things already. I’m dedicated and want to be really good at what I do. Because to be mediocre, it’s just not what I’m meant for.”