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Nick Janssen '20

Nick Janssen ’20 used two internships while at Simpson College to launch his auditing career at a Big Four accounting firm


Simpson College graduate Nick Janssen ’20 is an FSO Assurance Staff for Ernst & Young in Dallas, Texas. He secured an internship with Ernst & Young — one of the 'Big Four' accounting firms — following his junior year. By the time his senior year started, he had a job offer.  Janssen credits the guidance he received from the dedicated faculty at Simpson to transform his passion for auditing into a career.

About Nick

Hometown: Lee’s Summit, Missouri
Major(s): Accounting, Business Management
Involvement at Simpson: Men’s Basketball, Accounting Club, Fellowship of Christian Athletes, Light Company
Current Position: FSO Assurance Staff at Ernst & Young in Dallas, Texas


What is FSO Assurance Staff and what does your job entail?
FSO stands for Financial Services Organizations and Assurance means I will be auditing. Before companies issue their financial statements to the public, auditors ensure that the numbers are free from material error or fraud. After their fiscal year ends, Ernst & Young will go to their place of work and investigate their financial statements. Basically, it is a lot of interviewing people, tracing transactions to supporting documents, and confirming with external parties. 

Nick Janssen as a member of the Simpson College basketball team.

What inspired you to pursue a career in the accounting field and auditing in particular?
I have always been intrigued by business and specifically, accounting. The job security of auditors — and accountants in general — is really high and that was important to me as I was choosing a career. I also wanted to do something meaningful. Even though auditors are sometimes viewed as the bad guys, many investors rely on the work of auditors to make investment decisions. I really clicked with the great accounting professors at Simpson. They all had previous auditing experience, so they were very instrumental in the selection of this line of work. 

What impact did your internship have on your career path?
My internships had a huge role in securing a job. I interned with WaterOne after my sophomore year and that helped lead to an internship with Ernst & Young after my junior year. After the summer, I was offered and accepted a position, so I was able to enjoy my senior year without the stress of a job search. Due to the proximity to Des Moines, Ernst & Young definitely had Simpson on its radar, so that made it easier to secure an internship and a full-time job. I am very grateful for the internship opportunities that Simpson created for me. 

What will you miss most about Simpson College?
Even though it sounds cliché, I will definitely miss the people, both students and faculty. It is truly one, tight-knit community and I have met my best friends for life at Simpson.