Presidential Search

Simpson College is proud to announce Jay Simmons as the 23rd president of the institution. Read the official announcement

Fred Hubbell

Fred Hubbell, Chairman of the Board of Trustees

For 152 years, Simpson College has served as a dependable destination for people seeking greater knowledge and personal success. It has remained true to its heritage and mission through historical, social and cultural changes, both large and small. It represents a standard of excellence that has never wavered. As we embark on yet another historical milestone — the naming of Simpson’s 23rd President – it is important to reflect on how Simpson was here long before any of us and will continue to be here long after we have gone. During our affiliation with Simpson, we are merely stewards, assigned to lead and guide the college to the best of our abilities and leave it better and stronger than when we found it. I am very pleased John Byrd will continue to serve as President of Simpson College through the next academic year. On behalf of my fellow board members, I would like to compliment John on the excellent job he has done and continues to do as president. We are looking forward to working with him to accomplish many important things for Simpson over the next year. I have asked Sunnie Richer to serve as the chairperson for the presidential search committee and Brenda Wickett to serve as the secretary of the committee. The other members can be found by on the search committee page. I would like to personally thank everyone who will serve on the committee for their time and commitment to the future of the college. I’d also like to encourage others who would like to provide input to any of us to submit your ideas. As good stewards of Simpson College, we look forward to the opportunity to build on the work and dedication of all those who entrusted Simpson to us and continue to create Simpson’s history of success for all those who are yet to follow. Fred Hubbell Chairman of the Board of Trustees Simpson College April 11, 2012