Field Experience Courses

The Field Experience and Seminar course is required for a major in criminal justice or sociology, and for the social work minor. It is normally taken in the senior year and requires 120 hours of placement time. It consists of closely-supervised experiential learning in which the student applies skills and knowledge specific to the major or minor. The course is held primarily on the Scholar platform, with seminar meetings held during the term. A great deal of application, synthesis, and reflection is required in this course, which also holds a written communication designation from the Engaged Citizen Curriculum.

The semester BEFORE you wish to enroll in Field Experience is the perfect time to begin to think about your experiential learning site. Be sure to meet with Dr. Samantha O’Hara, who is the lead faculty member in this course, in order to answer some of your questions, and be sure to review this page for helpful websites (such as the Facebook page for the department), for documents (which list many career ideas, which generally start as internship ideas), and for links to others at Simpson who can help (like Career Services).

Recent outstanding internships include the Iowa Department of Public Safety, Iowa Attorney General’s Office, Crisis Intervention Services, Blank Children’s Hospital, the Iowa Criminal and Juvenile Justice Division, Lutheran Services of Iowa, the Iowa Department of Human Services, Orchard Place, Polk County Juvenile Detention Center, the Iowa Board of Parole, the Federal Public Defender’s Office, and many local and state law enforcement agencies and prosecution agencies.

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If you “like” the Sociology and Criminal Justice Department at Simpson College, you will see various job openings, postings, and other internship or career-related items. The Facebook Page is managed by Dr. Samantha O’Hara.

Recent site locations for Field Experience Courses

Please click on this link to get some ideas for your next field experience course.

Career Ideas and Websites

Want some general career-seeking advice or avenues, knowing that they are great possible field experience sites? Please click on this PDF for a long listing of suggestions and websites to get you going.

Career Services

If you would like to see more about criminal justice, sociology, or other social service jobs, Career Services maintains an updated database of employers and possible internships.