Students are required to have at least 4 credit hours, or 120 hours of work with the supervisor, of internship credit for the Sports Administration and Exercise Science majors on two separate occasions. Therefore, each major requires 8 credit hours of internship work.

Norfolk Tides - BB Club - Sp. ScienceInternship opportunities take place in a variety of settings, which are determined by the student and the faculty member responsible for internship work during the fall, spring, May or summer term. Advisors are also included in the decision making process if students feel they need further assistance in finding a location or setting in obtaining an internship experience. The department chair is often consulted by those students who need further assistance in determining what area they may be suited to for these learning experiences.

Settings for internship experiences are most often completed in areas of recreation, wellness centers, area YMCA’s, administrative work within the Simpson Athletic Department and many other businesses and athletic venues both locally and nationwide. Internships have also been completed by students in locations such as the Best Buy Corporate Wellness Center, Texas Instruments Wellness Center, White House Athletic Center, USA Track and Field, Greenbay Packers NFL franchise and Iowa State University. In addition, students find internships with organizations such as the Iowa Girls Athletic Union, the Iowa State Boys Athletic Association, and nearby insurance and business wellness centers, to name a few.

The most important ingredient in establishing an internship for students in the department is finding the best environment where each student has a true interest as a learning and career development opportunity. The department faculty work with students and the company or institution they wish to work with, to make it the best learning experience possible for each individual student.

In addition, a new partnership with Mercy Clinics in the greater Des Moines area provides three Pre-Health and three Pre-Physical Therapy Internships each semester. Students complete 120 hours of on-site experiences at a local Mercy Clinic where they gain valuable professional and clinical skills. Students regularly attend seminars given by Mercy Clinic staff on current trends in health systems management and methods for improving patient outcomes and interventions.