The nature of the living world; Simpson courses in biology and environmental science explore the topics of ecology, molecular, organismic and structural biology. With state-of-the-art facilities in Carver Science Center, you can study gene expression, build DNA origami structures, explore imaging systems for cellular biology, neurosciences, human physiology and work in a human cadaver lab.

Outside the lab and into the biology of the world — Simpson’s May Term study aboard courses let you dig into topics like Global Health: Confronting AIDS in Namibia; Natural History of Ecuador and the Galapagos Islands; Tropical Ecology of Coral Reefs and Rainforests in Belize; Sustainability Issues in Cuba; and Sustainable Energy Models in Northern Europe.

Simpson recognizes notable academic work via the Joe Moody Research Symposium — where students present their research to faculty and peers. Our biology and environmental science graduates have successfully pursued graduate degrees at some of the country’s most elite science schools including Duke University, Washington University St. Louis, University of Georgia and Loyola University Chicago.


Success Stories

Biology Professor Amy Doling- Hounds Haven

With long ears, short legs and a stout build, running can be somewhat tricky for basset hounds Winston and Miles. More…

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