Reflection Questions

Here is a list of potential reflection questions for groups or personal journals.

Choose only 2-3 each time you discuss or write.

  1. What did I see that was different or unfamiliar?
  2. What do I feel about what I saw or experienced?
  3. What made me uncomfortable? Why was I uncomfortable?
  4. Was there anything really difficult about this situation? If so, why?
  5. Was there anything that really disturbed you? Why?
  6. What questions did this experience bring up for me?
  7. What did the people I encountered teach me about myself, about the world?
  8. How was your faith tradition in the midst of this experience?
  9. If you felt uncomfortable, or something disturbed you, was there any aspect of your faith that helps you deal with these feelings?
  10. Why did you decide to do this?
  11. What has this experience caused me to examine in my life, my community, my country?
  12. What did you learn about others, yourself, the world, or God from this experience?
  13. How has this experience changed me?
  14. Who am I?
  15. Why am I here?
  16. Why do I see what I saw?
  17. What are barriers that prevent me from changing?
  18. What gifts can I offer
  19. Where can I draw hope and strength?
  20. What are my values?
  21. What have I learned about myself through this experience?
  22. How have you challenged yourself, your ideals, your philosophies, your concept of life or the way you live?
  23. What more needs to be done?
  24. How will this alter your future behaviors/attitudes/and career?
  25. Who do I really want to become?
  26. How do I work toward something when I don’t even know what it is?
  27. Do my actions make any difference in the bigger scheme of things?
  28. When do I feel most alive?
  29. What are my fears?
  30. What do I really want to learn?
  31. How can I know the difference between right and wrong?
  32. What is the difference between a job and a vocation?
  33. What should I do with my life?
  34. How can I best use my gifts?
  35. Do I have what it takes to minister to others?
  36. Why is suffering so pervasive
  37. What is it, in my heart that I must do, be and have? And why?
  38. What are the values and limitations of my culture?
  39. Do my actions make any difference in the grand scheme of things?
  40. What is my society, or life, or God, asking of me?
  41. What constitutes meaningful work?
  42. What is my religion?  Do I need one?
  43. Has your definition of service changed? How? Why?
  44. Make a list of the skills used and learned in this experience.
  45. What have been the best and worst parts of the experiences?
  46. What communities/groups are you a member of?  How might these be related to your commitment to service?
  47. Identify a person,, group, or community that you got to know this year who is significantly “other” for you.  What are the needs or challenges facing them that particularly got to you?  What is one way in which you’ve allowed yourself to be changed a s a result of knowing them?
  48. What are two fears or worries you have that somehow keep you from being the person you hope to become?
  49. Summarize the most important things you will take with your from this experience.
  50. If you had one last message to leave to the handful of people who are most important to you, what would it be in 25 words or less?
  51. Of all the things you have done in our life, which is the one you would most like to undo?  Which is the one that makes you happiest to remember?
  52. If this were that last day of your life, what would you do with it?
  53. When did you first realize you had a calling?
  54. Who helped you to discover your call?  How?
  55. Who hindered you on your journey to live out what you perceived as your calling?
  56. What’s something I can’t “not do?”
  57. Finish the following phrases: I’ll be happy when….  I was so happy when….
  58. Who are you serving?  What service are you providing?
  59. What would improve the quality of your contribution?
  60. Why is it important for you to respond to this need, or these persons?
  61. How will your service affect you, your relationships, or your community?
  62. How can you help the people you serve to change their situation?
  63. Why do you do service?
  64. Describe the people you met.
  65. If you were one of the people receiving services, what would you think of yourself?
  66. How does the experience contribute to your growth in any of the following areas: civic responsibility, politics, professional development, spiritual fulfillment, social understanding, and intellectual pursuit?
  67. What public policies are involved?  How can they be improved?
  68. How can society better deal with the problem?
  69. What’s the difference between service, generosity, charity, justice and social change?
  70. Where do we go from here?  What’s the next step?