What is planted together, grows together...

EMERGE@Simpson is an opportunity to gain real-world entrepreneurial experiences in start up businesses and nonprofits.  Students, faculty, staff, alumni, and business leaders collaborate to create new ventures that solve problems.  

The program provides broad exposure to the activities that lead to successful venture formation, launch, and operations.  Program participants explore new ideas, develop value propositions, and validate business models.  Participants are also provided unique opportunities to apply their skills and education as a venture owner, team member or consultant for academic credit.

EMERGE@Simpson experiences demonstrate having initiative, applying critical thinking, and an ability to collaborate to achieve common goals.  The program leverages these valuable skills developed within a liberal arts education by combining them with broad business development concepts.

Students may also receive recommendation letters that specify their level of participation in the program or its ventures.  And if a venutre becomes commercially viable, ownership remains with its creaters or can be launched in partnership with the Emerge Foundation.

 @SimpsonEMERGE Facebook & Twitter groups
 Start Up Storm & Other Events


Explore Entrepreneurialism
 Collegiate Entrepreneurs Organization (CEO) Teams
 REACH Modules
 Venture Internships


 XXXX080 Independent Study
 COOP319 Internship Experiences
 MAGT200 CEO Class
 EXPL190 REACH Class
 MAGT385 Mgmt and Mktg Capstone (Strategy)
 MAGT324 Small Business Mgmt (Business Planning)
 MAGT290 Corporate Networking
 MAGT190 Entrepreneurship in Action
 MKTG338 Innovation and New Product Marketing
 COMM315 Journalism 2.0 (Entrepreneurial Strategies)
 COMM365 Public Relations Capstone (Seminar)


Student and Team Advising
 Resume & Referral for Venture Participation
 Milestones for Enrolled Ventures


Venture Formation
 Validate Ideas
 Mentoring and Support
 Venture Internships


Venture Growth
 Progress Tracking and Feedback
 Coordinate Capital and Resources