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The Indianola Simpson College Entrepreneurial Development Initiative also known as Emerge@Simpson is an opportunity to own a piece of a start up business before you graduate.  EMERGE is a partnership between Simpson College, the Indianola Development Association, and the Indianola Municipal Utility that provides an opportunity for start up businesses to grow their business in Indianola.  These businesses in turn provide an opportunity for you to create a team that grows with the company - allowing you to create your own future.

How to get involved

EMERGE is for any student that wants to own their future, making it into any reflection of their dreams.  What makes EMERGE different is that it builds multi-disciplined teams across all majors at Simpson, meaning any team could include anyone from a mathematician to an opera major.
EMERGE is not its own major and accepts any student pursuing any degree.  Students earn credit for any work done through EMERGE through the Simpson Co-Op program, which can account for more than 10% of your credit towards graduation.  The only requirement for EMERGE is that you take responsibility for owning what you create.  Senior Management majors are involved in through the senior management seminar course and other capstone courses will join this model in the future.  Additionally, there are opportunities for individual research and internships.  Contact your faculty advisor or Chris Draper for more information.

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