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2010 Simpson Graduate Paul Zaborac playing Saxophone

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Paul Zaborac ’10- Performing In Australia

“All of the teachers that taught me helped shape me in some way, I think. The faculty were always willing to help and guide me in my development as a musician. They also provided good examples to follow through their own pursuit of excellence and the passion with which they taught.” More…

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The Bachelor of Music in Performance from Simpson College is a specialized undergraduate degree that prepares students for successful graduate work. Beginning with the core studies in music, the performance major leads to advanced studies in music history, music theory, and performance. This course of study culminates in two degree recitals with accompanying academic papers. The music faculty at Simpson strives to make the student’s academic work and performance experience one of balance and integration.

For several decades, Simpson has had great success in the performance area, with nearly 100% of our graduates securing admission to Masters’ programs all over the country. We are able to call an unusually high number of working performers our alumni, with more than two-thirds of our BM-Performance degree graduates working as professional musicians. Check out our MUSIC ALUMNI page for a sample of what some of our successful graduates are doing in the field of music.

Core Courses in the Bachelor of Music Degree (B.M.)
Required: (Credits)
•Mus 151-152 Theory 1 & 2 (6)
•Mus 153-154 Aural Skills 1 & 2 (2)
•Mus 251-252 Theory 3 & 4 (6)
•Mus 253-254 Aural Skills 3 & 4 (2)
•Mus 101 Survey of Music Literature (2)
•Mus 201 Medieval and Renaissance Music (2)
•Mus 202 Music of the 17th and 18th Centuries (2)
•Mus 203 Music of the 19th through 21st Centuries (2)
•Ensembles (8 credits required) - Participation in at least 2 different ensembles required
•Mus 214 Ensembles (1)
•Mus014: Chamber Music (0)
•Mus015: Opera (0)
•Mus 270 Applied Music (20)
•Mus 281 Conducting (2)
•Mus 283 Advanced Conducting (2)
•Mus 000A Senior recital - capstone (0)
•Mus 00X Piano proficiency (0)
Total (56)

Additional Courses Required for the Performance Major (B.M.)
Required: (Credits)
•Mus 270 Applied Music (4)
•Mus 220 Diction for Singers 1 (voice majors only) (1)
•Mus 221 Diction for Singers 2 (voice majors only) (1)
•Mus 321 Pedagogy-Voice OR
•Mus 324 Pedagogy-Piano OR
•Mus 325 Pedagogy-Instrumental (2)
•Mus 000J Junior recital (0)

Advanced Theory to be selected from: (2 courses) (8 credits):
•Mus 305 Counterpoint (4)
•Mus 309 Orchestration (4)
•Mus 310 Form and Analysis (4)

Advanced History to be selected from: (4 courses) (8-12 credits)
•Mus 205 World Music (4)
•Mus 257 Race Relations: History of Jazz (4)
•Mus 292 Church Music Literature (2)
•Mus 350 Romanticism in the Arts (2)
•Mus 351 Symphonic Literature (2)
•Mus 352 History of Opera (2)
•Mus 353 Music of the 20th Century (2)
•Mus 354 Piano Literature (2)
•Mus 355 Vocal Literature (2)
•Mus 358 Chamber Music Literature (2)


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