Service Opportunities

Wesley Service Scholarship

  • The Wesley Service Scholarship supports students who are involved in volunteer service.
  • The application deadline for the 2015-2016 academic year has past.  Applications for 2016-2017 will be accepted until mid-March 2016.
  • The scholarship requires:
      • 80 hours of verified service (~40 each semester)
      • Journaling about experiences
      • Selected common readings regarding service
      • Participation in a peer group to reflect on experiences

    Attendance at one training meeting per semester

  • WSS First Year Application for incoming First Years
  • WSSApp4Returners 16 for current Simpson students

Interested students should contact Laurie Dufoe.

Iowa College AmeriCorps Program (ICAP)

Simpson College has partnered with the Iowa College AmeriCorps Program (ICAP), which offers an education award from the Corporation for National and Community Service (CNCS) in return for community service.

Interested students should contact Elyse Morris.


Simpson’s Religious Life Community (RLC) provides transportation to a variety of community partners. To sign up, visit Smith Chapel.

Additionally, RLC sponsors Alternative Fall and Spring Break trips each year. The Alternative Break Program is a student-run organization dedicated to providing Simpson students the opportunity to travel as members of an intentional community of service such that they may experience new perspectives, develop leadership skills, and practice cooperation through educational and hands-on community service during college breaks. Thanks to RLC subsidization and student fundraising, these mission trips are available to students at a very low-cost.  Interested in proposing a trip, contact Smith Chapel at 961-1610.

RLC also advises Simpson’s Habitat for Humanity Chapter.  Habitat for Humanity is a nonprofit, Christian housing ministry dedicated to eliminating poverty housing worldwide. The Simpson campus chapter of Habitat for Humanity frequently participates in building and remodeling projects in conjunction with the Warren County  and Greater Des Moines chapters of Habitat. In addition to Saturday work trips and fundraisers, the chapter travels to a new location each year to build one or more houses over the week of spring break.

Greek Life

Students involved in Greek Life at Simpson are among the most service-oriented at the college.  Each of the fraternities/sororities promotes a particular philanthropy and conduct service and programming around that philanthropy.  All of them promote and some even require general volunteering for their members.

Other Campus Clubs & Organizations

Many of Simpson’s student clubs and organizations are service-oriented.  Examples include, but are not limited to: EAC, SARA, Enactus, Best Buddies, and Rotaract. For a complete list of student clubs and organizations at Simpson, see

General/Individualized Service

Students are always encouraged to participate in service on their own or with friends!  For help identifying an organization to partner with, please contact us.  You can also check out our “Local Service Opportunities” to view our Community Partners and “National and International Service Opportunities” to learn more about service opportunities available through Simpson.

Post-Graduation Service

Interested in completing service following graduation?  Check out these opportunities.