Tuition and Fees

Academic Year Fees


Tuition 12-19 credits per term 2016-2017
(Includes non refundable $750 general fee. The general fee is required of all students and is not included in student aid grants or tuition exemptions.)
Student Government Activities Fee $337
Campus Center Fee $130
Technology Fee $200
Station Square Apartments $4,569
Theme Houses and Other Apartments $4,288
All Others $3,860
Single (if available) $5,420
200 Block – $75 Flex* $4,103
150 Block – $275 Flex* $4,103
150 Block – $275 Flex (Greek)* $4,103
100 Block – $250 Flex (Commuters, Theme Houses and Apartments only)* $2,623
* Flex money left over at the end of the first semester will roll-over to the second semester.  Unused blocks will not roll-over between semesters.
 20-Meal per week (no flex dollars, unused meals lost at end of every week) $4,103


Part-Time Students

Day Courses:
1-11 Credits $625
May Term Only (4 credits) $1,588
Technology Fee, per credit $6
Evening and Online Courses:
Per credit $397
Technology Fee, per credit $6
Graduate Courses:
Per credit $525
Technology Fee, per credit $6
Students 65 years or over (space available only), per credit (if auditing, no charge except lab charges) $190


Other Fees (per semester unless otherwise specified)


Overload (per credit over 19 credits.  Students taking a fifth four credit course will be billed for four credits of overload)

Audit Fee (per credit) $190
Late Registration $30
Change of Registration $15
Parking (annual) $100
Student Teaching Fee $205
Private Music Lessons (per credit for weekly half hour lessons during the term) $350
Piano Proficiency Re-examination $50
Accompanist Fee (student accompanist per credit) $75
Recital Fee (required for Jr. and Sr. degree seeking) $50-75
Art Lab Fees (varies by course) $50-$120
Life Experience Portfolio Fee $75
Insufficient Funds Fee (returned check/ACH) $25

The above fees for the 2016-2017 academic year are subject to change in subsequent years.

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