Peer Gynt

Peer Gynt
by Henrik Ibsen

March 16-17 2012 at 7:30 pm
March 18 at 1:00 pm
Pote Theatre

Design and Production Staff:
Director – Tom Woldt
Scenic Designer – Amber Miller
Lighting Designer – Rick Goetz
Stage Manager – Sadie Ackerman
Costume Designer – Laura M. Perkins
Props Designer – Heather Powers
Hair & Makeup Designer – Cassandra Ring
Assistant Stage Managers – Caleb Carver and Nicole Cavanaugh
Assistant Lighting Director – Shannon Barondeau
Assistant Scenic Designer – Shelby Burgus
Assistant Costume Designer- Allyson Louzek

Cast List:

Douglas Cole…….Peer Gynt
Lindsey Oetken.….Solveig
Cassandra Ring….Aase

The Ensemble:

Sammi Aaron…Fiddler, Wedding Guest, Troll,TV Interviewer, Inmate, Threadball
Clay Daggett…Aslak’s Friend, Troll, Boyg, Cotton, Inmate, Straw
Jacob Ervin…Aslak, Troll, Slave Ape, Inmate, Sailor, Water
Eliz Hewitt…Wedding Guest, Troll, Kari, Ape, Inmate, Dewdrop
Sara Hill…Ingrid, Valet, Sphinx
Natalie Hining… Wedding Guest, Troll, Anitra, Strange Passenger, Dewdrop
Ken Jaeger…Mads Moen, Troll, Inmate, Ship’s Watch
Stacie Kjellsen…Helga, Anitra’s Posse, Sphinx, Dead Leaf
Ethan Newman…Man, Troll, Ugly Brat, Gasbag, Inmate, Thin Person
Tyler Nunez…Aslak’s Friend, Troll, Hussein, Dead Leaf
Aja Porter…Wedding Guest, Cowherd Girl, Troll. Anitra’s Posse, Inmate, Threadball
Rachel Rice…Wedding Guest, Cowherd Girl, Boyg, Anitra’s Posse, Bo’sun, Wind
Chris Schaben…Mad’s Father, Troll, Boyg, Eunuch, Inmate, Mate, Water
Ali Simpson…Ingrid’s Mother, Cowherd Girl, Boarsnest, Anitra’s Posse, Fellah,Threadball
Meghan Vosberg…Mad’s Mother, Troll, Boyg, Buglepuss, Dr. Begriffenfeldt, Dewdrop
Jenny Wilkerson…Wedding Guest, Woman in Green, Slave, Anitra’s Posse, Wind
Chris Williams…Solveig’s Father, Troll Courtier, Sphinx, Ship Captain, Button Molder
Tim Williams…Aslak’s Friend, Troll, Boyg, Camera man, Inmate, Cook, Straw
Josh Zieman…Ingrid’s Father, Troll King, Sphinx

Production Staff:

Sound Engineer – Chris Williams
Sound Board Operator – Erub Larson
Light Board Operator – Mason Gustafson
Master Electrician – Shannon Barondeau
Special Effect Assistant – Katie Buchholz
Prop/Deck Crew Head – Caleb Carver
Wardrobe Head – Nicole Cavanaugh
Wardrobe/Makeup Crew – Chris Heineman
Box Office Manager – Kennedy Horton
House Manager – Trevor Vaughn
Audience Services Head Usher- Alexa Smith
Front of House Crew – Shelby Burgus, Allyson Louzek, Paul Privitera, Heather Powers, Service Learning Students
Program poster and promotion video – Office of Marketing and Public Relations

Production Crews:

Technical Director – Rick Goetz
Student Assistant Technical Director – Paul Privitera
Costume Supervisor – Laura M. Perkins
Costume Construction – Sammi Aaron, Eliz Hewitt, Allyson Louzek, Service Learning Students
Lighting Crew – Shelby Burgus, Ethan Newman, Chris Schaben, Meghan Vosberg, Service Learning Students
Sound Crew – Chris Williams
Theatre Department Office – Production Manager – Sadie Ackerman, Marketing – Ali Simpson, Alexa Smith
Audience Services – Lindsey Oetken
Set Construction –Seth Billyard, Jacob Ervin, Mason Gustafson, Natalie Hining, Heather Powers, Paul Privitera, Cassandra Ring, Jenny Wilkerson, Joshua Zieman, Service Learning Students

Department Staff:

Assistant Technical Director, Scene Shop Supervisor, Designer, Courses in Lighting – Rick Goetz
Faculty Services – Stacy Lindsley
Design Supervisor/Technical Director; Courses in Design/Tech, Discovering Theatre; Designer – Steve McLean (Sabbatical Spring ’12)
Costume Designer/Construction; Costume Shop Supervisor; Designer – Laura M. Perkins
Courses in Directing, Acting, Literature, Script Analysis; Director – Jennifer Ross Nostrala
Adjunct Visiting Instructor – Robin Vanderhoef
Education Outreach Coordinator, Courses in Acting, Voice Interpretation,Discovering Theatre; Director – Ann Woldt
Chair, Department of Theatre Arts; Courses in History/Literature, Performance,Discovering Theatre; Director – Tom Woldt