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Red & Gold Club

Annual Report 2017-2018

Individuals who contributed $500 to $999 to The Simpson Fund during the 2017-2018 fiscal year.

Eric D. and Kim Forrester Argo
Kedron Bardwell
Tom and Mimi Bartley Nancarrow
Bruce and Rhonda Beadle
Eric J. and Peggy Bennett
Brian and Elizabeth Lizotte Brown
Jerry and Nancy Vander Werff Burkhardt
Stan R. Campbell and Marybell Avery
Jo Anne Brown Campney
Mr. and Mrs. Carl A. Carlson
Jeffrey L. and Rebecca Williams Cassat
The Hon. James D. and Joyce E. Coil
Robert C. Craigmile
Paul V. and Valerie Hakes Craven
Don and Carol Morrison DePue
Don V. and Karen McGrady Drake
Steve and Kathryn Duffy
Dr. Janet Everhart and Janet Ratliff
Florence Casson Eyerly
Jeffrey L. and Sonya Crawford Ferguson
Leonard N. and Dorthy E. Follmann
Richard A. and Virginia Wayt Frank
Kevin and Donna Gade
Phyllis Middleswart Geyer
Laurola Walker Gibson
B.J. Giudicessi
Dr. Ian R. and Tina Grover
W. Keith and Kathleen Gunzenhauser
Ruth Torine Guy
Dr. Jeffrey M. and Pamela Hartung
Capt. Carl L. and Carol Maxwell Hedges
Wouter and Jessica Hertzberger
Ian E. and Marlo Lasko Hiaring
Ronald and Maj. Janet Atkin Hicks
Keith and Claire Fisher Hoffman
L. Keith Hoffman
Raymond and Joyce Dahlstrom Holland
Charles R. Holt
Roland E. Horn
Ms. Jolene K. Huen
James A. and Janice F. Jagim
Dr. Clark J. and Diane T. Jensen
Mr. and Mrs. Robert E. Jessup
William O. and Elizabeth Paul Johns
Dr. Fred O. and Julie G. Jones
Bishop Charles W. and Margaret C. Jordan
Ron A. Joslin
Timothy R. and Sherry Kent Kluender
Drs. Werner Kolln and Murphy Waggoner
Drs. B. Waine and Stephanie Kong
Robert A. and Cynthia Martin Kresse
Jim C. and Kathleen Kunath
Dr. Gregory A. and Carol Flannery Lamansky
Marilyn J. Leek
Dr. and Mrs. Jerry W. Lehr
James T. and Kara Mathis
Robert E. Matthews
Dr. Sarah A. Meyers
Robert J. and Julie Miller
William H. and Martha Ray Monroe
Marjorie Weber Moore
Mr. Vijai K. Moses
Blase J. Mozdzen
Dr. and Mrs. James A. Nelson Jr.
Edith Shultz Norris
J. Frank and Cheryl Keating Nugent
Carol Simpson Oliver
G. Larry and Sharon Owens
Gary and Yvonne Laning Oyler
Brian K. and Debra Parrott
J. Steven Patrick
Christopher H. and Nancy R. Patton
Mike and Tracie Moore Pavon
Dale M. and Annie Laurie Davenport Points
Richard H. Post
Carl W. and Norma McBride Pullen
Randy L. Rath
Mark A. and Laura Roberts
Dr. H. Maxine Robinson
Michael W. and Michaela Gamble Shupe
Sharolyn Sutton Slaker
Dr. Charles A. and Stacie Smith
Dr. and Mrs. Brian Steffen
Steven L. Stolen and Rob MacPherson
Jason J. and Teri Vert Stolte
Gary L. Streaty
Bruce A. Stuart
Cheri Hill Tesolowski
Paul G. and Vicki Van Donselaar
Jack M. and Jacqueline Pyfer VanderLinden
Darek D. and Carol Harbison VanKirk
John and Linda Vredenburg
Rhonda Vry-Bills
John W. Washburn
Iola Nichols Weaver
Floyd and Anne Kinsey Williams
Edward H. and Nancy C. Winant
Eric C. Youngberg and Gary Krogh