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Organizations on Campus

Equity, Inclusion and Diversity Organizations on Campus

A variety of organizations on campus encourage and foster cross-cultural awareness. These include:

Multicultural Students Alliance - The Multicultural Student Alliance coordinates cultural activities on campus including cultural and heritage month celebrations, panel discussions and community events centered around diversity and tolerance on campus.

International Student Organization - The International Student Organization (ISO) at Simpson College welcomes members from countries all around the world. The goals of the ISO are to coordinate multicultural activities, develop leadership skills, assist international students in their adjustment to the social and academic environment of campus life, including connecting them with host parents who will help them during their stay at Simpson, and to promote intercultural relationships through events showcasing the cultural background of students.

Carver Cultural Center - This is a housing unit for students interested in promoting multicultural activities on campus. The residents of the house are from unique backgrounds living together and organizing events to continue the traditions of the Carver Cultural Center promoting multi-cultural unity, respect and self-consciousness.

La Casa Unida Cultural Center - The mission of La Casa Unida Latino Cultural Center at Simpson College is to develop, promote and increase awareness of Latino culture through programs and networking between student clubs and organizations that will lead to a strong community for Latina/o students. The group hosts many cultural events including lectures, movie nights, game nights and exposure to Hispanic cuisine, art, and music.

Latinos Unidos - Welcoming people of all ethnic backgrounds, Latinos Unidos is a Latino organization that seeks to unite students interested in sharing, celebrating and learning about Latino culture. The goals of the group are to provide an opportunity to interact with each other through events and activities, foster solidarity among Latino students at Simpson College, enhance the overall Latino presence on campus, bring diversity to campus, educate the community about Latino heritage and keep students aware of other cultures by sharing foreign values, language, dancing styles, culture, etc.

Simpson College Pride - Simpson College Pride seeks to educate the campus and community about LGBTQ+ issues and the realities that LGBTQ+ individuals face. The goals of the group are to provide support to individuals of all sexual orientations and gender identities, promote a sense of unity and diversity among the students and faculty and promote a progressive, all-inclusive environment and social attitude for all sexual orientations, gender identities and those who support them.

Black Student Union - The Black Student Union (BSU) promotes cultural and educational activities to benefit the African American student body and allies. BSU nurtures a bit of fun and in a safe environment, engaging our members in discussion on issues affecting students and the surrounding communities, even globally. Members are educated then challenged to take safe and respectful action, leading by example and pushing students to be better than their best. The group aims to take charge of the future by dismantling negative, harmful stereotypes and building and securing their sense of community and influence the world.