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Legends of Simpson Lecture Series

Beloved emeriti faculty give guest lectures on a wide range of thought-provoking topics

Legends of Simpson Lecture Series promotional graphicThe Legends of Simpson Lecture Series is back in 2022! Join us as four new legends invite you into their virtual classroom for compelling lectures.

2022 Legends of Simpson Schedule

  • February 8, 2022 –  "Say Her Name: The Story of Jarena Lee"
    Jan Everhart
  • February 22 – "The Future of Science"
    Ron Warnet
  • March 8 – "Campus Tales Untold: Another Take on the 'Whispering Maples' Reputation"
    Ev Laning
  • March 22 – "The Joy of ..."
    Alan Magruder

Former religion professor, Jan Everhart presents "Say Her Name: The Story of Jarena Lee" 

Former chemistry and physics professor Ron Warnet presents "The Future of Science" 

Former professor Ev Laning presents "Campus Tales Untold: Another Take on the 'Whispering Maples' Reputation" 

Former professor Alan M presents "The Joy of..." 


2021 Legends of Simpson Lecture Series

Joe Moody presents "The Medal of Honor and Other Medals of Valor." Moody served as a biology professor from 1976-2002.


Fred Jones presents “Race and the Shackles of Tradition.” Jones was a staple of the department of sociology and criminal justice department for nearly 50 years, serving as a full-time faculty member from 1970-2017.


Dr. John Epperson presents “A More Perfect Union? The Electoral College in an Age of Polarization.” Epperson served as a professor of political science from 1977 until his retirement in 2019.


Pat Singer presents “My 40-Year Romp Through DNA.” Singer’s tenure as a professor of biology professor spanned 36 years from 1982-2018.


Bruce Haddox presents “The Liberal Arts in a Post-Truth Era.” Haddox began his Simpson career in 1969, serving in multiple roles before retiring in 2006. In addition to his stint as a professor of religion, Haddox also served as vice president of academic affairs and spent one year as acting President.