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Senior Capstone

Every Simpson College student completes an in-depth project to demonstrate their abilities and pursue their academic passion

The Senior Capstone is an essential part of our curriculum’s ability to prepare you to be an engaged citizen and practitioner in your chosen field

Your capstone experience will vary depending on your major, and you’ll work closely alongside a faculty mentor to determine your project’s learning objectives. A capstone is your opportunity to more deeply explore an area of interest or engage in real-world work that will advance the career or graduate study you’ll be starting soon.

Required experience characteristics

  • Engage in advanced disciplinary or interdisciplinary work to synthesize and culminate your learning. This can include individual research, an internship, an exhibition and more, depending on your major.

  • Produce a final paper, report, creative work, portfolio, exhibition, performance or other document or presentation appropriate for the discipline.

  • Share your work with an audience as determined by the department. This experience can put you in front of a well-connected network of professionals and improve the presentation skills you’ll need to be successful in any work setting. Examples include presentations at a regional undergraduate conference or to a class, department, division and college-wide audience; senior recitals, art exhibitions, or theatrical performances; and student teaching.