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Simpson Core Curriculum

With Simpson Core Curriculum students will...


  • Explore knowledge and meaning gained through study of the liberal arts and sciences
  • Cultivate character and community consonant with the college’s Methodist heritage
  • Actively engage their communities through work and service
  • Develop an understanding of and engagement with diverse peoples in pursuit of local and global justice and peace

A two-semester sequence required for incoming first-year students. Courses will promote college readiness by teaching key skills for success while exploring themes central to Simpson’s identity and mission.

First-Year Experience Semester 1 / Civic Engagement and Personal Well-being
The first course in a two-semester sequence required for first-year students. This course explores issues of well-being and civic engagement at the personal, local, and global levels. The course will serve as an introduction to writing and critical thinking skills.

First-Year Experience Semester 2 / Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion
The second course in a two-semester sequence required for incoming first year students and some transfer students. This course explores issues of diversity, equity, inclusion, and justice on local and global levels. Through this study students will explore issues including bias, privilege, power, and responsibility that are foundational in creating an inclusive and just society. Students will continue refining critical thinking and writing skills.

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Beyond the classroom

The value of what you will learn in the classroom can only be equaled by the opportunities you have outside of it.

Whether you choose to study abroad, design a research project, participate in Simpson's national championship speech and debate team, flex your entrepreneurial muscle, or one of many more opportunities Simpson offers, you will be changed by the experience.

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