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About Simpson College

Small enough to change your world, big enough to connect you to everyone else's

Be known. Be engaged. Be thoughtful. Be successful.

Generations of students have become prepared for rewarding careers, graduate schools and service work by attending Simpson. They experienced the strongest educational combination available—a personalized, well-rounded academic experience in a friendly community within minutes of one of the Midwest's most dynamic cities—Des Moines.

Now it's your turn. Come to Simpson to meet professors who know and care about you. To experience a safe, community-minded campus. To celebrate our differences as well as what connects us. To learn how to think independently. To benefit from a strong professional career network.

To change the world.

We believe in bettering ourselves, for something bigger than ourselves

Throughout our history, we have embraced our traditions, but are not bound by tradition. We celebrate our past, yet move boldly into the future. Simpson builds on what brought us to today, while evolving and changing in order to prepare students for their futures as thought leaders and engaged, global citizens. 

Learn about our values and commitment to excellence in higher education, personal integrity, social justice, global citizenship and more

Founded by members of the Iowa United Methodist Church, Simpson College has always worked to stay true to our values and commitment to excellence in higher education, personal integrity, social justice, global citizenship and more.

Grow here

What is success?

In short, it's our students. We are committed to your education and take pride in preparing you to be a well-rounded, global citizen, ready for the next chapter in your lives. 

It's offering majors like Health Services Leadership, Interactive Media and Human Services, designed to meet the overwhelming demand for a qualified workforce. It's supporting our national championship debate team and the skills learned through purposeful conversation. It's providing opportunities to meet our country's future leaders through activities at the Culver Public Policy Center. It's learning the importance of serving others.

It's our professors, willing to spend extra time helping you with homework or completing a graduate school application. It's support from coaches, mentors, counselors and staff who are tuned in and paying attention to you. It's staff and alumni using their networks to help you locate great internships and jobs.

It's about making sure you have the best experience that gets you where you want to go and become the kind of person you want to be. That is success.


Committed to affordability and value

Lots of colleges talk about making college affordable but Simpson is actually doing something about it. We created The Simpson Promise that covers full tuition for Iowa families with the most financial need.

We have also significantly increased our baseline scholarships for everyone, regardless of income or where they are from.

And with at least 95% of graduates employed, in graduate school or in service to others, within six months after graduation, the value and power of a Simpson degree is clear. 

We know the investment in your education is significant so we are also invested in you and your success—and we keep our promises.

A beauty shot of Simpson's Campus

The perfect location

Simpson's location is integral to our student's success. Our beautiful campus sits on 75 acres in Indianola, Iowa, which has a friendly, safe, small-town atmosphere and is mere minutes from the Des Moines metro area, where far-reaching career, internship and networking opportunities abound. 

Benefit from a strong alumni network

You'll find Simpson alumni everywhere—and very willing to help you. Our alums can open doors for you to internships and job shadowing, and after graduation, provide paths to rewarding and fulfilling careers and experiences. This can be documented throughout our history and whether it's an alum from the '60s or someone who graduated last year, your shared Simpson Experience creates not only strong bonds but great opportunities as well.  

Alumni Networking

We're excited you're interested in Simpson!

This is such an exciting and important time in your life as you search for a college and community to call home. Simpson College is committed to helping you reach your full potential and discover who you are. 

You will find professors who take the time to know you and work alongside you. Classes are designed to provide what employers and graduate schools are most interested in and the Simpson community is a wonderful place to make lifelong friends.