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Title IX

Simpson College Sexual Misconduct Policy

Simpson College affirms the rights of its community members to live, study, and work in an environment free from all forms of sexual misconduct, including sexual harassment, sexual violence, rape, sexual assault, domestic violence, dating/relationship violence, sexual exploitation, sexual manipulation, and/or stalking. As a community we are committed to maintaining a standard of conduct that creates an environment of trust, care, and respect. Our community prohibits sexual misconduct and treats violations of this policy as serious violations of the standards of conduct, and sexual misconduct will not be tolerated. The College will take direct action to prevent and correct such behavior consistent with Title IX regulations, federal law, and state law. Those actions include providing supports to reporting parties, conducting an investigation of formal complaints of sexual misconduct, prohibiting retaliation against participants in the reporting or investigation process, and, where necessary, taking corrective action against the Respondent(s) consistent with Title IX. The College is also committed to providing institution-wide education to prevent sexual misconduct and to mitigate the impacts of any sexual misconduct on the community.

Title IX Full Policy

Initial Assessment and Individualized Risk Assessment
Evaluation and Potential Dismissal of Formal Complaint
Filing a Formal Complaint
Reporting an Incident of Sexual Misconduct

Formal Resolution:

  1. Grievance Procedure
  2. Investigation Summary Report
  3. Hearing and Adjudication
  4. Appeal Process

Title IX Informal Resolution
Investigation and Resolution of Formal Complaint when the Accused Person is a Faculty or Staff Member
Possible Sanction and Remedies
Interim and Supporting Measures
Associated Personnel
Title IX Resources
Related Statements
Other Important Policies

Simpson College President’s Cabinet
September 28, 2020

Campus & Community Resources


The pervasiveness of street harassment can make sidewalks seem like gauntlets. With cat-callers leering and, at times, groping at women, it’s easy to leave these claustrophobic spaces feeling afraid or ashamed. Hollaback! seeks to project that shame back on street harassers. 

  • The app allows users to instantly report harassment and pinpoint exactly where it occurred.
  • Users also have the option to upload a photo of the incident.
  • While Hollaback! may not have built-in alert systems like the others, it predicates on an important idea undergirding the anti-violence discussion: the importance of standing up and sharing our experiences.

The Title IX Coordinator is Keyah Levy and she can be reached at titleix@mysimpson.onmicrosoft.com or 515-961-1675.

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