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A pathway to a degree in Engineering

How the program works

The dual degree pre-engineering program begins with three years of a strong, small college liberal arts foundation, followed by two years of specialized training at a larger engineering institution. (For some programs, the engineering requirements may take longer.) 

When you finish your engineering coursework, you will have a Bachelor of Arts from Simpson and an engineering degree from your chosen institution.

Many students in this program continue on to Washington University in St. Louis, the University of Minnesota or Iowa State University.

What will I learn?

You'll receive a well-rounded liberal arts education from Simpson, followed by a specialized field of study at universities such as Iowa State or Washington University in St. Louis. The courses you will take will depend on which graduate school you'd eventually like to attend.

This is a calculus-based class that covers the fundamental concepts of physics, including mechanics, sound, heat, electricity, magnetism, light and modern physics with a special emphasis on Einstein's special theory of relativity.

There is a lot more to experience

Take a look at the opportunities that exist for you as a student in the Department of Physics. We would love to welcome you to visit campus where one of our faculty members would be eager to answer your questions.


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