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Campus Life

Our comfortable size and friendly vibes make discovering your ideal college community easy

From day one, you'll feel at home

As you pass through the College Hall gates, we welcome you with open arms. 

Residence Life

Get to know the spaces where you'll live, learn and make friends for a lifetime.

Clubs & Organizations

Whatever you're interested in, there's a group of students who share your passion.

Campus Dining

Whatever your appetite, we have plenty of options.

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  • A Simpson tradition

    Marching through the College Hall gates

    You'll enter through the gates your first year on campus and exit through them on graduation day.

Capitol Internship

Internships and career development

Starting your career doesn't start after graduation. We offer the services, network and opportunities that will make you an ideal candidate.

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  • What we do for fun

    See a show at Blank Performing Arts Center

    Pote Theatre presents musicals and other stage performances throughout the year. There are also spaces for interactive shows, acting class, yoga and dance.

Community service and campus ministry

Everywhere you go, we want you to feel the strength of our community and we want you to share it with others too. Through community service and campus ministry, you can find and promote a deep sense of belonging. 

Community Service

Our favorite study spots

Inspired by nature? In search of peace and quiet? Whatever your study style, you'll find a place that makes you want to hit the books.

The courtyard between Dunn Library and Mary Berry Hall is a great place to study and people-watch on a gorgeous spring or fall day.