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Scholarships, Grants & Awards

Simpson College offers financial aid based on merit, talent and need, which can often be combined with federal and state aid and scholarships

Turning your dream into reality

We’ll do everything possible to help you make the Simpson Experience a reality. We work tirelessly to facilitate access and support that can help offset the cost of your Simpson education. Whether that assistance comes from campus or beyond, we’re here to help you every step of the way.

First-Year Scholarships and Awards
Check out our chart with minimum scholarship ranges incoming first-year students can expect based on their high school cumulative GPA, as well as a list of many grants & scholarships given by Simpson College based on talent, merit or financial need.

Transfer Student Scholarships and Grants
See a scholarship chart with transfer scholarship amounts based on cumulative college GPA. 

Continuing and Graduate Scholarships and Aid
As you look to continue or complete your education, there are financial resources to help you reach your goals.

Federal and State Grants
Here’s a breakdown of federal grants, state awards and the Iowa Tuition Grant Program. Some programs are based upon scholarship, and others are based upon individual need.

United Methodist Awards
These grants and scholarships are available to students who are members of the United Methodist Church.