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Report It

Report It

Every report of sexual and/or relationship misconduct will be taken seriously and appropriate action will be taken.

Remember you are not alone!

The following offices can provide you with the assistance and support you need:

Counseling Services, 515-961-1332
Campus Security, 515-961-1711
Title  IX Coordinator, 515-961-1675
Sexual Assault Response Advocates (SARA) 515-330-6392
Student Development Office, 515-961-1592
College Chaplains’ Office, 515-961-1684 or 515-961-1716
Health Services, 515-961-1604
Victims Services, 515-286-3535
Indianola Police Department, 911
Iowa Methodist Hospital, 515-241-6423
Iowa Lutheran Hospital, 515-263-5120
Mercy Medical Center, 515-247-3121 

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