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Humanities Summer Camp

Experience what it's like to be a college student while still in middle school!

Course Description

world building

World Building

Work with other campers to build rich, multi-layered fantasy worlds. Over the course of the week we will create the structure and lore of these worlds by designing maps, cultures, ecologies, histories, and belief systems. Everyone will develop their own worlds; we will also collaborate to build a world together.

Nick Proctor

Creative Writing Workshop: Characters, Conflict, and Dialogue

Explore the writer’s craft of creating character, conflict, and dialogue. Strengthen your creativity by observing other authors’ styles, learning techniques, and getting active. Apply your new craft skills during extended writing and workshop sessions where you will create your own characters and begin writing their stories.

Dawn Stallman

creative writing
old england

Tales of Merry Olde England

This major will explore British folktales, legends, plays, and novels. Class will begin with ancient tales of fairies, pixies, goblins, and trolls, followed by Arthurian legend, Shakespearean forests, and J.R.R. Tolkien’s fantastical Middle-earth and its creatures. Through reading and acting, and creating and cajoling, we will not only explore but also experience a variety of English tales of mystery, magic, and mayhem.

Scott Slechta

Ethics in Harry Potter: The Dramatic Conclusion (Books 5-7)

As Rufus Scrimgeour knows, these are dangerous times.  Cedric Diggory’s example could inspire or intimidate us in our choice between what is right and what is easy.  But how do we determine right from wrong?  This course examines ethical dilemmas in the last three books in the Harry Potter series and applies their insights to today’s Muggle world as well.

Maeve Callan

harry potter

Greek and Roman Mythology

Why are Hera and Zeus always fighting? How did Hercules get stuck with twelve impossible jobs? What happened to the survivors of the Trojan War? Ancient mythology can reveal deep truths about human nature and help us understand the modern world. We will read some of the most popular Greek and Roman myths, exploring themes such as power, betrayal, and jealousy.

CoryAnne Arrigan

Comic Book Heroes and Villains

Journey into the world of comic book heroes and villains. Study a bit about the history of characters like Batman, Spider-Man, and Black Panther. Learn how to design and script your own characters and spend time writing and drawing them. Work collectively with fellow campers to build a comics’ world where your characters will interact. Save the Universe!

Jeff Karnicky

heroes and villians

This camp is open to residential campers and commuter campers, age 10 - 14