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Aswati Subramanian

Assistant Professor of Biology
Professor Aswati Subramanian was drawn to the Biology Department at Simpson because it’s faculty work as a community to nurture and mentor each undergraduate student. Additionally, she resonated with the interdisciplinary approach to education at Simpson College in general, which is a strong reflection of its liberal arts ideology.  


I received my undergraduate degree in Life Sciences and a Master’s degree with a specialization in Neurobiology from Sophia College, Mumbai, India. I joined Miami University, Ohio for a Ph.D. where I studied motor proteins and ciliary motility in Tetrahymena. I continued at Miami as a postdoctoral fellow studying peripheral nerve development in Drosophila. At Simpson, I am enthusiastic about conducting undergraduate research on the molecular basis of motility in Tetrahymena. I am also keenly interested in promoting S.T.E.A.M. education by studying areas in which science and art intersect. Outside the classroom I enjoy creating art, cooking, reading and hiking.


  • Cellular and Molecular Biology
  • Microscopy


  • Postdoctoral fellow (2018) -Miami University, Ohio
  • Ph.D. (2013) -Miami University, Ohio
  • M.S. (2003) -Sophia College, Mumbai, India
  • B.S. (2001) -Sophia College, Mumbai, India


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