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Katie Smith

Assistant Professor of Sport Science and Health Education / Director of SC Honors Program
Katie Smith brings a unique combination of interdisciplinary clinical and practical experiences from the realms of exercise science and nutrition into the classroom at Simpson College.


Katie Smith is an Assistant Professor of Sport Science and Health Education. She received her Ph.D. from Iowa State University in Interdisciplinary Nutritional Sciences and her B.A. from Simpson College in Athletic Training. She is a Registered Dietitian and Certified Exercise Physiologist by the American College of Sports Medicine. Her research interests encompass several facets of women’s health, particularly prenatal lifestyle interventions to prevent maternal and fetal chronic disease. Prior to joining the faculty at Simpson, Katie was faculty at Iowa State, worked as a Clinical Dietitian, personal trainer, and a member of the annual Health and Fitness Summit Planning Committee for the American College of Sports Medicine. Katie and her husband have three daughters, including identical twins, and enjoy traveling, boating, and being active outdoors.


Courses Taught

SPSC 107 General Nutrition

SPSC 110 Introduction to Health Careers

SPSC 278 Essentials of Clinical Conditions

SPSC 341 Exercise Testing & Prescription

SPSC 372 Research Methods

SPSC 390 Professional Development in Exercise Science



­­­­­­2019                                          Student Support Services Faculty of the Year

­­­­­­2014                                          Iowa State University Research Excellence Award

2014                                          Iowa State University Graduate Student Senate Peer Research Award

2013                                          Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics Foundation Commission on Dietetic Registration      Doctoral Award Recipient

2012                                          Midwest American College of Sports Medicine Outstanding Graduate Student of the Year



Ph.D., Interdisciplinary Nutritional Sciences, Iowa State University
B.A., Athletic Training, Simpson College

Registered Dietitian, Commission on Dietetic Registration

Certified Exercise Physiologist, American College of Sports Medicine



*Indicates research published with Simpson College students    

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*Indicates research conducted with Simpson College students    

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