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Tap into our ecosystem of entrepreneurship at Simpson College

Gain entrepreneurial skills and solve real problems, in real time

There are two consistently relevant truths about our current economy. First, it has evolved and continues to change—and fast. Second, great ideas can come from anywhere and anyone.

Emerge@Simpson was designed to incorporate these exciting realities into the Simpson Experience. Our programs and curricular offerings enhance the valuable skills developed within a liberal arts education by combining them with broad business development concepts. 

When you participate in an Emerge@Simpson experience, you'll receive personalized attention and one-on-one access to experienced mentors and advisors who will help take your idea from concept to reality. We foster an inclusive environment where you can discover and hone your entrepreneurial spirit alongside real nonprofits and start-ups—or we'll help you start your own.

You own what you create

If you create a venture that becomes commercially viable, ownership remains with its creators or can be launched in partnership with The Emerge Foundation. 

For example, a recent multi-discipline team of students, faculty and staff developed a local web-based nonprofit marketing and video distribution platform, and students in a doctorate of nursing program course, alongside faculty and Emerge Foundation advisors, developed a licensing venture to deploy a patent-pending process that constructs nanostructures from nanoparticles.

We can't wait to see what you'll help create.

Whatever your major, you can benefit from Emerge@Simpson's innovative offerings

Explore new ideas, develop value propositions and validate business models; learn what leads to successful venture formation, launch and operations; and gain unique opportunities to apply your skills and education as a venture owner, team member or consultant for academic credit.

This one-credit course is open to any student at Simpson College interested in starting their own business or in learning more about what entrepreneurship means. You'll meet professionals who have launched businesses and build connections within the region's thriving entrepreneurial community by taking part in Des Moines' One Million Cups event.

Launch your business with The Emerge Foundation

The Emerge Foundation is a separately managed 501(c)3 corporation that extends Emerge@Simpson academic program services to enterprises with high commercial potential and helps them attract capital. 

We'll help you refine core intellectual property and market licensing opportunities, apply for federal research funding and identify private-sector partners seeking to collaborate. The Foundation also nurtures outstanding Emerge@Simpson program ventures by providing initial funding, business development and customer discovery services to participants.