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Pre-Health Programs

Simpson College can start you on the path toward a rewarding career in a number of healthcare fields

A great career in healthcare starts here

These pre-health fields are not majors offered by Simpson. You will, however, be guided and mentored on the appropriate classes to complete the prerequisites necessary to continue on to the next step in your education.


Biology Programs

Pre-Medicine - You won't find a better place to prepare yourself for medical school than Simpson College. Experienced faculty and rigorous coursework provide a strong foundation for success.

Working with your academic advisor is very important when considering a pre-med program. Faculty from Biology and Chemistry will assist in your planning by identifying required and recommended coursework and sponsoring undergraduate research and internships. Once on this path, you will earn a Bachelor's degree with a major in biology or biochemistry before moving on to medical school.

Here are a few of the medical schools that have accepted Simpson students in recent years:

  • Des Moines University
  • Northwestern University Medical School
  • Rush Medical School
  • University of Houston
  • University of Iowa Medical School
  • University of Kentucky at Lexington
  • University of Michigan
  • Washington University in St. Louis
  • Yale University

The quality of a Simpson education is evident by the long list of practicing medical professionals who got their start here. 


Pre-Nursing - A nursing degree that starts at Simpson College offers you the best of both worlds. You will benefit from the engaged faculty and all the opportunities a small, liberal arts school has to offer before moving on to Allen College of Nursing in Waterloo, Iowa to finish your degree.

With the 3+1 nursing program, in three years, you will complete a degree in Biology (or other approved major) along with Simpson's general education requirements. Upon acceptance into Allen College, you will then begin their 15-month accelerated nursing program during May Term of your third year. When finished, you will received a Bachelor's degree from Simpson and a B.S.N. from Allen College.


Pre-Physician Assistant - Within the growing field of healthcare, careers as a physician assistant are expected to grow by 37% through 2026. Simpson knows how to put you on the path to reach your goal.

You will work closely with your advisor to insure you take all the necessary classes in the biology, chemistry and sports science departments to meet the prerequisites for admission into accredited PA programs.


Pre-Physical Therapy - If you are interested in becoming a licensed physical therapist, Simpson is ready to help you get started.

As a part of Simpson's pre-physical therapy program, you will earn a Bachelor's degree in either biology, athletic training or exercise science. As a part of your coursework, you will be required to obtain a significant number of hours observing licensed physical therapists before enrolling in graduate programs.

Faculty in the Biology and Sport Science departments will assist you in planning your educational path at Simpson as well as supervise undergraduate research, internships and observational experiences.

Upon completion of your Simpson degree, you will be ready to apply to graduate school to earn your doctorate of physical therapy degree (D.P.T.)


Pre-Dentistry - If you wish to pursue a career in dentistry, look no further than Simpson College. Small class sizes, state-of-the-art labs and professors who know you and want you to succeed are just a few of the reasons our students are accepted into the dental schools of their choice.

While at Simpson, you will earn a Bachelor's degree in Biology, Biochemistry or Chemistry. Your advisor will work with you to make sure you are developing a well-rounded foundation, both inside and outside of the classroom, demonstrate a diverse set of interests and aptitudes.


Pre-Veterinary Medicine - Simpson can put your dreams of becoming a veterinarian into motion. For most students, this preparatory track will begin in the Biology and Chemistry departments where you will be challenged by professors to go beyond what you thought you were capable of. These high expectations will develop you into a critical thinker and an academically adept learner, important qualifications for acceptance into vet school.

You will be mentored by your advisor and professors, choosing classes and research activities that will result in a Bachelor's degree from Simpson and take you another step closer to your goal of working with and treating animals.


Pre-Optometry- Simpson students who are interested in a career in optometry will find help and abundant knowledge in the form of professors and advisors who know how to help you reach your goals.

Optometry is a growing profession. With a respected Bachelor's degree from Simpson College in hand, you will be noticed by competitive optometry programs across the country.



Sport Science and Health Education Programs

Pre-Occupational Therapy - Occupational therapists are in demand...growth rate for the profession is much faster than average at 24% by 2026. If working with children and adults, helping them find a quality of life through mastery of everyday tasks, sounds appealing, Simpson is the place to begin.

Concentrating your education in the Sports Science and Biology departments, you will earn a Bachelor's degree that will prepare you for either a master's or doctoral degree in the field. You will be advised and guided by professors with experience to make sure your transition to post-secondary education is smooth.


Pre-Chiropractic - Your path to becoming a chiropractor can start strong at Simpson. Many students wishing to pursue this path will earn a Bachelor's degree in a science-based major. You will also be encouraged to explore opportunities outside of the classroom including field experience, research and leadership roles across campus.


Pre-Pharmacy - This course of study will guide you toward completing the courses necessary to enter into a qualified pharmacy program. Knowledgeable professors will work beside you in the classroom and in the lab with material that will challenge you and experiences that will prepare you.

Concentrating in the Biology and Chemistry departments, you will earn a respected Simpson Bachelor's degree in a major that covers the necessary educational components to apply to a pharmacy program.


Pre-Athletic Training - The accrediting body for athletic training (CAATE) requires students to obtain a Master's degree in AT before they can complete the BOC exam. As Simpson does not offer a Master's degree in AT, the college has voluntarily withdrawn its accreditation to offer an AT degree, effective in 2020.

The great news is that if you are interested in AT or a number of other careers in the healthcare field, Simpson can offer you a pathway through courses in the Sports Science and Health Education department. You will experience unique advantages at Simpson being able to receive direct hands-on learning experiences in a variety of healthcare settings from day one. This will help you build a solid foundation on which you can launch toward a number of different health-related careers.