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Business Analytics


What will I learn?

The Business Analytics Minor focuses on solving real-world business problems in an engaging academic environment. Students begin by gaining insight into a variety of current and relevant business issues through visualizing and describing data. Students then use statistics and economic modeling to uncover potential solutions. Finally, students build forecasting models and make recommendations based on their findings.

Advances in computer technology have dramatically lowered the cost of gathering data and generating information. Today, organizations in a variety of industries are collecting vast amounts of data and, as a result, there is a growing demand for data analytics professionals. Business Analytics integrates economics, statistics, and computer science, and emphasizes quantitative statistical methods in descriptive and predictive analytics such as statistical, mathematical, or numerical analysis of data. The overall objective of the course is to familiarize students with business data (big data), business analytics, and its application in industries. This course introduces fundamental economic concepts and essential statistical tools required to understand business data and analytics. Students will learn how to collect and construct data in a spreadsheet, how to generate data visualization using statistical methods, and how to interpret analytic results to generate insights that lead to better organizational decision making. This course focuses on "hands-off" applications using various business data sets and interpretation of results, rather than theory and calculations. Moreover, it covers data mining, simple regression, risk analysis, and simulation. 

Growing Career Opportunities

According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, 115,200 new management analyst jobs will be created by 2026, and that is only one professional option. Other rewarding career opportunities are being created in areas such as market research, supply chain management, project management, and logisticians. 

Look beyond the numbers—you'll like what you see

It all adds up—a Business Analytics minor enhances the success of our students in today's job market. See what more of the Department of Business Administration and Economics has to offer.


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