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Interactive Media

Major and Minor

What will I learn?

Interactive Media is an interdepartmental program with the Department of Multimedia Communication, the Department of Art and the Department of Computer Science. When you graduate, you will have created digital media applications that are aesthetically pleasing, communicate the intended message, react to user input, store, retrieve and process information.

This class introduces the technologies behind web development. You will learn HTML and CSS to target web sites for web, mobile and print media. You will explore topics such as usability, color theory, layout and internationalization. Collaborating with your classmates, you will work on projects involving team communication, documentation and version control.

A major for the modern era

An interactive media degree will equip you to understand the fundamentals of web design and communications. The variety of courses will make you a well-rounded student with a strong liberal arts education. A very marketable combination.

Simpson Success Stories

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Our students and alumni share how Simpson helped them define achievement on their own terms

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Sam Adeniyi ’20

Sam Adeniyi ’20

Sam Adeniyi ’20 discovered the real world of cybersecurity at Simpson College

During my time in the Carver Bridge to STEM Success program, I was fortunate to work with a local company, IdRamp, which exposed to me the real world of cybersecurity and showed me that it was truly a career path I'd like to follow.

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Audrey LoVan '18

Audrey LoVan '18

The Perfect Balance of STEM, Arts, and Athletics

Simpson has the most beautiful campus and such a positive atmosphere.

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Taylor Gehrls '17

Taylor Gehrls '17

Double Major Lands Dream Job as Web Developer

“What surprised me most about being at Simpson was the amount of things I learned about different disciplines outside of my major,” Taylor said. “I have gained an interest in so many different parts of life through the courses I have taken and the friends I have made.”

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