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“Professors at Simpson have been understanding and very helpful throughout my first few months here. They understand that we’re freshmen and this is a big adjustment for us.”

– Max ’25 (Eagan, MN)

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“Making friends has been super easy just because all of the activities they had for us on Welcome Week and how welcoming everyone was.”

- Elise ’25 (Montezuma, IA)

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“I am super excited about being involved in student government because I am able to help make a difference on campus and make sure peoples’ voices are heard.”

- Kylie ’25 (Houston, TX)

“What I like about Simpson most is the community of people. I love everyone I’ve been going to class with and the professors are super engaged with each student.”

- Kyleigh ’25 (Fargo, ND)

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“The best thing about life on campus is it’s easy to get to know everyone around campus and everyone is really friendly.”

– Jack ‘25 (Topeka, KS)

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“I’m so glad I chose Simpson because everyone is so engaged in my success and how I will develop in these coming years.”

- Eldred ‘25 (Baltimore, MD)

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“What I love most about Simpson is all of the friends that I’ve made and how all of the faculty and staff make it such a home away from home, and the beautiful campus.”

- Kyle '25 (Winterset, IA)

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“I am excited of being in the international student organization and Latinos Unidos because we share culture and also because I get to know more people.”

– Paul '25 (Mexico)

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“The best thing about Simpson Campus is how beautiful it is here. I was surprised how easy it was to navigate through Simpson College.”

- Maddie '25 (Colorado)

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I’m super excited to be a part of the theatre program here at Simpson because of all of the awesome faculty and students I work with.

Aleah '25

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The professors here at Simpson are very friendly and personable, whether it’s sports that you’re having to miss, doctors’ appointments, they’re very understanding.

Blayne ’25 

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Making friends has been super easy on campus, everyone is really easy to talk to. They make a lot of activities on campus for you to go and interact with people.

Michael '25 

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What I like most about Simpson is the people. I like the community, the people that help you, the people that surround you and just the vibe.

Nadia '25


Making friends for me has been really exciting. When I first got here, I got here a week early so I got to meet the other freshmen. It was really easy because we had something in common, we were all new, and it was easier to make personal relationships with everybody around you.

- Nadia '25 (Des Moines, IA)


The professors at Simpson are super welcoming and it’s very small classes, so when you need to go ask somebody a question it’s very easy to go into their office hours and get ahold of them.

– Michael '25 (Denison, IA)


Something that surprised me about Simpson was how easy it is to double major or take on a minor because of the way everyone really helps you focus on your goals.

– Aleah '25 (Carroll, IA)


I love being involved in the women’s soccer program because all of the girls are very positive and it’s just a good environment with good energy.

– Maddie '25 (Erie, CO)


Making friends has been pretty easy so far, everything is just so close knit, and all of the classes that you have it’s hard not to make friends.

– Kyle '25 (Winterset, IA)


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