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Internship with the Ripken Experience Benefits the Double Major


Gable Johnson ’20, outlines his internship at the Ripken Experience in Pigeon Forge, TN.

I worked as a Baseball Operations Intern, where I helped run week-long youth baseball tournaments. As an intern, I had many different responsibilities.

While working operations during the week or on weekends, I was responsible for assisting the various tournament directors with organizing rosters, welcome packets and player gifts, and other paperwork such as birth certificates and game reports. As a TO (tournament official) during the week, I announced starting lineups, played walk-up music for the players, cleaned and prepared the fields, operated the scoreboard and served as the administrator at that field for the day.

Other responsibilities included helping to maintain the appearance of the $30 million facility by working with facilities staff, helping operate skills competitions on Sundays for Opening Ceremonies, demonstrating customer service by having a knowledge of the rules of the tournament, background of the company, and the layout of the complex and lastly, helping the retail and concessions crews whenever there is inclement weather or limited staff on site.

As a double-major in Sport Administration and Business Management, I can apply the work experience I have gained to both majors.

For Sport Administration, I now have an in-depth understanding of how a sport complex is developed, operated and updated on a day-to-day basis. I also was able to pick up more knowledge about how to run a tournament, and all the efforts it takes as a staff to make the tournament a success. 

In terms of Business Management, I have a further understanding of how to manage and market a multi-million-dollar property, the importance of creating great relationships with customers and the importance of goal-setting and goal-achievement.

Lastly, this internship will have a tremendous impact on my future goals. Although I want to work for a collegiate athletic department, having a well-known and credible name such as Ripken Baseball on a resume will open up endless opportunities in the future. Also, having worked in operations, facilities, and as a TO, I have further developed my social skills, knowledge of both the sport and business industries, and furthered my professional network with other interns and my bosses.

Ripken Baseball was a wonderful summer internship experience, and my connection to the company will hopefully make a large impact for my career down the road.