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Cracking the Code

Georgia Porter began programming her promising future by triple majoring in math, computer science and computer information systems at Simpson. Her extensive applied learning experiences provided the breakthrough formula for instant career success.


Porter walked right from the Simpson Commencement stage to a full-time position as a solutions consultant with Zirous, a leading IT firm headquartered in Des Moines. Though, it’s not what she originally envisioned for herself.

“I had no idea what coding was before I stepped on Simpson’s campus,” said Porter. “So I took the Python (programming) class and we built a video game, which was super cool.”

Just like that, it was game on for Porter. A pair of programming and application development internships ultimately led to her senior year internship at Zirous.

“The best part of my internship [at Zirous] is that they just turned us loose. There were four interns and we were in charge of our entire project...it was a good confidence booster, knowing that I could take this position and be comfortable here and grow for years to come.”

Porter credits her many Simpson mentors for helping her bloom. Alison Teske Swanson ’92 on Simpson’s admissions team, mentored Porter through much more than being an effective tour guide. Math Professor Dr. Heidi Berger helped her discover multiple career paths. Finally, she adds, Dr. Carolyn Brodie, in computer science, was “monumental in my journey...showing me how to be a successful woman in a STEM field.”

“At Simpson, I was exposed to so many different things. And I came out a much more well-rounded person."