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Center for Academic Resources

Helping students become active learners who achieve in class and in the future

From free tutoring to research guidance, we're here every step of your success story

We provide academic support services to all Simpson College students. All majors. All GPAs. All academic levels and abilities. Whether you’re looking for accessibility services, help studying for tests, tutoring in a specific subject, academic advising or research guidance, our team is here to help. You can visit the Simpson College Center for Academic Resources in Dunn Library or check out our specific resources below.

If you have further questions as a prospective student or parent, please contact the Director of the Academic Center at car@simpson.edu.

Access Online Resources for Students and Faculty

In order to do your best work, sometimes you need a little assistance. We offer peer tutoring options that will help you see if you're on the right track with a project, assist you with homework assignments or help you take a deep dive into a certain content area.  

For more information please contact Academic Coach the Center for Academic Resources