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The Center for Academic Resources

Our staff is here to help you succeed as you navigate through your time at Simpson, whether in Indianola, on the West Des Moines campus, or online.

Peer-first collaborations: You may be used to elders as your coaches, teachers, bosses, directors, or conductors telling you what to do, but at CARs, we believe firmly in peer-based mentorship. The CARs peer consultants, leaders, and coaches aren't better or smarter or more talented than you; while they do receive training, they are students like you who just happen to be a year or two ahead in their progress, who just happen to know a thing or two you might not. Why learn from your mistakes when you can learn from another's first?

This atmosphere of wisdom sharing between peers is invigorating, or, as one student described it, a "captivating and oddly magical presence" on campus. Collaborations across disciplines is quite common in CARs, and often students who attend CARs for support stay on to become peer educators themselves.

The Writing Center's motto sums up CARs' perspective: here not because you can't write; here because you do. Simpson students use peers whether they are struggling or not. Strong students and developing students alike use CARs resources to improve by getting another perspective on their study and communication strategies. It pays off: if you engage with campus resources such as CARs, you are more likely to achieve your goals, succeed, and earn your degree. But you will find that getting feedback from a fellow student is just what we do at Simpson.

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