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Temporary Accommodations

The Student Accessibility Office (SAS) recognizes temporary disabilities that may result from: concussions, broken bones, recovery from surgery, etc.

Potential Accommodations for Temporary Disabilities:

  • Provide a scribe for homework and/or exams
  • Access to note-taking software or peer note-takers
  • Scribe for essay exam questions
  • Speech-to-text software
  • Housing accommodations
  • Extended deadlines


Documentation Needed:

  • Student must submit information from a professional in regards to the disability, impact, and estimated duration of the condition. If medication is involved, it is important to share information about side effects. 


Next Steps:

  • Make an appointment with the SAS Office at https://sasoffice.appointlet.com/
  • A Zoom link will be provided in your confirmation email. 
  • A list of reasonable accommodations will be created with the student and appropriate faculty members will be notified.