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Academic Information

Academic Advising
Academic advising at Simpson is integral to the total academic program. Each new student is assigned to a member of the faculty who acts as the academic advisor. For the purpose of proper guidance, this relationship typically exists until the student selects a major field of concentration. At that time, the student chooses or is assigned to an advisor in that field.

The Academic Plan
In consultation with an academic advisor, students project an academic plan that reflects their personal and academic goals. Depending on how clearly objectives are defined at the time students enter the College, the academic plan is projected for as little as one or for as much as four years. The academic plan requires the approval of the faculty advisor and is subject to review by the Dean for Academic Affairs.

The Center for Academic Resources
The Center for Academic Resources (CARs), located on the first floor of Dunn Library, is designed to provide students with individualized help to meet the requirements for competencies and courses. The Center provides guidance at any point in the writing process (including the revising and editing of portfolios), gives assistance for any math or foreign language course, and assigns tutors for most classes. Students can learn academic strategies for test taking, note taking, reading college textbooks, and time and stress management. All tutoring services available at CARs are free to Simpson students. 

Continuous Attendance and Requirements for Graduation
In the event a student does not remain in continuous attendance at Simpson, the requirements for graduation at the time of initial registration shall remain in force, provided that the non-attendance period does not exceed one full calendar year for full-time students and two calendar years for Continuing & Graduate Program students. In the event that the non-attendance period exceeds the amount of time allowed for full-time or for Continuing & Graduate Program students, the student will be required to complete the catalog requirements in force at the time of readmission.

The requirements for the major are to be those in effect at the time of the declaration of the major program. The time of declaration of the major is determined by the date of its receipt in the Office of the Registrar. The student should declare a major on a Declaration of Major form submitted to the Office of the Registrar by the time he/she has completed 50 semester hours of credit.

Dunn Library
At the center of campus, Dunn Library offers more than 400,000 print/ ebooks and over 300,000 print/ ejournals plus scores, DVDs, databases, and streaming music/video. Library services are located on the second floor -- Research Assistance Center, interlibrary oan, and physical collections. Visit us at www.simpson.edu/library . The building houses the college archives, Special Collections, Center for Academic Resources, Student Support Services, and the Teacher Education Department methods classrooms, curriculum lab, & offices. We also have individual and group study spaces throughout the building.

Normal Course Load and Overload 
The normal course load for student in a semester is four 4-credit courses. Students are allowed to take an additional two credits of coursework for a maximum of 18 credits per semester without incurring an overload charge. A small number of courses are overload exempt.

New students are expected to attend Simpson College’s orientation program. Orientation sessions include educational assessments and topics relating to liberal arts education, the basic programs and regulations of the College, student government, co-curricular life, and contemporary issues pertinent to the academic community. Social activities are also held during this time.

President’s and Dean’s List
The Dean’s List is announced after each fall and spring semester of the regular academic year. The Dean’s List includes the names of all students who, regularly enrolled in the College, complete at least 12 semester hours with a grade point average of 3.70 or better. In the event one of the courses is taken on the Honors/Pass/Non-Pass basis, an Honors grade must be achieved.

Matriculated part-time undergraduate students who complete at least 12 credits in a calendar year and achieve a grade point average of 3.70 or better in that calendar year are named to the annual Dean’s list for part-time students.

Special recognition is accorded those with similar qualifications who have achieved a grade point average of 4.00 by their being named to the President’s List.

Students who withdraw from the College or who are suspended may apply for readmission to the College through the Office of the Registrar.  Students who have been suspended must wait one full semester, excluding summer, before applying for readmission.  If a full-time student seeks readmission within one year of having withdrawn or having been suspended, they will readmit under the catalog in which they had declared their major.  If a part-time student seeks readmission within two years of having withdrawn or suspended, they may readmit under the catalog in which they had declared their major.

The process of registration begins with a conference between the student and the academic advisor. The act of registration is complete when the student makes proper financial arrangements with the Business Office, completes all other instructions, and completes online registration. The individual student is responsible for fulfillment of graduation requirements.

Requests for Transcripts 
Copies of transcripts will be mailed to whatever address is indicated by the person making the request. Requests must be made in writing to the Office of the Registrar and must include the signature of the person whose transcript or grade report is being requested.

Study Abroad
Simpson College offers both May Term travel courses and semester-long study abroad programs in French-, German-, and Spanish-speaking areas of the world. Language students at all levels are strongly encouraged to take advantage of Simpson’s immersion opportunities, particularly the Simpson Experience Abroad programs in Tahiti, French Polynesia; Schorndorf, Germany; Chaing Mai, Thailand; London, England; Adelaide, Australia; and Rosario, Argentina. More information about study abroad can be obtained from World Language faculty, as well as from the Office of International Education.

Summer Session
A variety of courses are conducted on the Indianola and West Des Moines campuses and online.  throughout the summer. Courses range from two to eight weeks in duration and are offered both evenings and online. Students may enroll in those courses approved either by their academic advisors or by one of the Director for Continuing and Graduate Programs. Through these offerings students are provided an opportunity to accelerate progress toward degree objectives, make up deficiencies, or distribute their course work over a longer period of time. Many elementary and secondary teachers take summer courses for certification purposes or to increase competence in their specialties.

Withdrawal from Institution
Students who wish to withdraw from the college, either during or at the end of any semester or term, should contact the office of student development to initiate the process.  When the withdrawal process has been completed, the registrar notifies the student’s instructors, academic counselor, and appropriate administrative offices.

Students withdrawing from college prior to the completion of any final examinations receive the designation of “W” for each course in which they were enrolled. The “W” carries no credit or quality points.

Upon enrollment at Simpson, each student pays a deposit which is kept on file until the student leaves Simpson. The deposit is refundable under the following conditions: first, that the student has no outstanding financial obligations to the college; second, that timely notice of withdrawal from the institution is provided by the student who plans not to re-enroll at Simpson. Notification should be provided by July 1 for a change in fall semester plans and December 31 for a change in spring semester plans. Notification of plans to withdraw should be directed to the Student Development Office.