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Emotional Support Animal Accommodation

Through Student Accessibility Services (SAS) Office

Students requesting an Emotional Support Animal (ESA) must be registered with the SAS office.


  • Students are allowed access to one ESA. Pairs of animals are not allowed at this time. 
  • All types of animals need to have vet records stating that their animal is healthy at the time of the request. 
  • Vaccine records and a rabies certificate are mandatory for all dogs and cats at the time of registration. Please note, kittens and puppies may not be able to get their shots until 6 months of age. After approval, you are required to keep updated records based on the Indianola Animal Ordinance. 
  • Because reptile and amphibians can carry salmonella, these animals are not allowed out of their enclosure. They are not allowed to roam freely, or in areas where food or drink is prepared, served, or stored. In addition, all cleaning of the enclosure will need to occur outside of the residential areas. Salmonella can linger, making the animal unsafe to others in the residence hall if the animal or any of the contents leave the cage. 
  • Students may apply for an ESA at any time. Please allow 14 days to review the request. 
  • If you are approved by the SAS office, you will receive an email from the director which will include you and Residence Life. 




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