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Simpson Writing Center (SWC)

Tips and Tools

“Simpson College is a Writing Across the Curriculum (WAC) campus. WAC teaches students college-level writing techniques during their first year and embeds Written Communication skills in other courses throughout their academic career. This means that students practice writing for different audiences and purposes culminating in intensive WC projects within their declared majors. WAC prepares students with the writing skills that 21st-century employers desire.

Simpson supports writers through the Simpson Writing Across the Curriculum (SWAC) program which hosts Writing Fellows (WFs), Writing Consultants (WCs), and the SWC. WFs are advanced writers who are embedded in the Simpson Colloquium 101 courses and trained to teach First-Year students the basics of college-level writing expectations. WCs are experienced WFs who staff the Simpson Writing Center (SWC), and the SWC is located on the first level of Dunn in the carpeted area along the back wall.”