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SI Schedule and Instructors

Supplemental Instruction for Fall 2022

  • SI Session
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Supplemental Instruction (SI) is an academic support program utilizing peer-assisted study sessions to help students in traditionally difficult academic courses. During SI sessions, students will strengthen their ability to integrate course content and study strategies while working collaboratively.

The current SI sessions for Fall 2022 semester are as follows:

Bio 110 | Chem 101 | SpSc 107 | SpSc 120

NOTE: All SI session locations/times are subject to change based on exam schedules. Please refer to the SI tab in your course Moodle for updates.

Student Leader: Dayton Gatewood

Tuesday 7-8

Wednesday 8-9

Carver 205

“SI saved my life! Having gone to the sessions benefits me more than just in that specific class, it helps me throughout my whole educational career.”                                                                       - Logan Pettit '21

SI SessionSI is typically offered in the following courses:

  • Biology 110 and 111
  • Chemistry 101 and 102
  • Sports Science 107
  • Sports Science 120



SI Leader


Interested in being an SI Leader?

Please contact Amy Jeffrey-Kennel, Supplemental Instruction Coordinator, at  515-961-1232.



"Involve me and I learn." 

Benjamin Franklin