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Applied Philosophy


What will I learn?

You will learn how philosophy continues to shape and reshape our world. It's more than an exploration of how to think. It's how you can live good, ethical lives and influence others to do the same.

This course will use different philosophical and ethical theories about the moral status of human beings and the non-human environment to explore answers to these questions and more. Then, we will apply the knowledge we gain from our theoretical investigations to current environmental issues. Some of these topics could include global warming, urban development and ecology, waste production and disposal, sustainability and consumption and pollution.

Why major in Applied Philosophy?

Most students study applied philosophy in conjunction with another major, such as biology, psychology, political science, criminal justice, mathematics or environmental science. Consider exploring this minor if you are interested in learning how to apply the tools of philosophical analysis to better understand and resolve issues in contemporary society. These are in-demand skills attractive to employers.

Are you ready to learn more?

Take a look at the unique opportunities, both inside and outside of the classroom, that the Department of Philosophy has to offer.


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Katy Siddall '06

Katy Siddall '06

Internship In Washington D.C.

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Stephen Henrich '13

Stephen Henrich '13

Triple Major With 4 Years Of Undergraduate Research

Because of Simpson College I’ve had the opportunity to conduct extensive undergraduate research all four years that I have been here.

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Allie Walker '12 and Rawley Butler '13

Allie Walker '12 and Rawley Butler '13

MAT Graduates Follow Their Calling to Travel and Teach

We were aware of the struggles we were going through and made us feel that we weren’t alone. Simpson is a small school, so there is a personal element to every interaction we’ve had at the school. We never felt like a number when we were at Simpson.

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