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International Relations

Major and Minor

What will I learn?

Everything from world religions to the politics of Russia and Eastern Europe. You'll discover that politics is much more than what leads up to Election Day.

An introductory course designed to develop analytic tools that provide an understanding of complex issues in world politics. You will focus on distinguishing different actors, patterns of interaction, availability and use of resources and interaction between domestic and external politics as evidenced in East-West, North-South and regional conflicts.

Understanding the world becomes more important every day

Majoring in international relations will position you for any number of rewarding career options or set you on the path to continue your education. And you'll gain the satisfaction of feeling like you're making a difference.

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Interested in the unique opportunities our political science education has to offer? See more of the opportunities and experiences that will shape your time at Simpson.


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Our students and alumni share how Simpson helped them define achievement on their own terms

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Katheryn Pearson Thorson '10

Continuing College To Law School

At a larger university, you sit in a lecture hall and you’re never called on and you’re never asked to interact with the professor or even the students that you are in the classroom with. At Simpson, you always have that one-on-one classroom conversation with your professor and work on projects with your classmates, so that was very helpful.

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JoAnna Freeland '13

JoAnna Freeland '13

Student Body President, Double Major, Prepared For Law School

Because of Simpson College I’ll be going on to law school after I graduate!

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