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CmSc 150 Introduction to Programming

This course introduces computer programming, emphasizing algorithm design and implementation using conditionals, loops, functions, recursion, and object oriented programming. The course is taught in Python. Prerequisite: One of the following: Math 105/105T Quantitative Reasoning, Math ACT of 22 or higher, or Math SAT of 530 or higher. QUANT. Four credits. Offered every semester

Website for when the class is taught by Dr. Craven: http://ProgramArcadeGames.com/

See games created by the Fall 2012 CmSc 150 class!


See games created by the Spring 2012 CmSc 150 class!


This is a YouTube playlist that shows off the games created by students in CmSc 150. In four months time, students went from not knowing any programming, to understanding if statements, loops, functions, objects, lists, searching, sorting, graphics, and detecting object collisions. And they created a final project to show it.