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Recent Alumni

Wonder how recent alumni are doing?

2012 – Blaise

Blaise double-majored in Mathematics and Computer Science. His internship with the U.S. Government in Washington led to a full-time job after graduation. Commenting on his internship, Blaise said, “I was challenged intellectually every day, but I left the internship feeling like I made a lot of good progress on the project I worked on.”

2012 – Hannah

Hannah double-majored in Mathematics and Computer Science. She interned with John Deere and now works as a Java developer at Principal Financial Group in Des Moines. A quote from Hannah:  “Working at John Deere has helped to teach me how to apply what I have learned in school in the real world.”

2011 – Chris
Information Systems and Technology Specialist at Rounds and Associates.
“Work is great, doing C# programming for windows apps, and ASP.NET for some of our websites.”

2011 – Brett
Brett double majored in Mathematics & Computer Science while at Simpson College. Brett had an internship with the United States Government throughout his senior year of college. Brett’s internship evolved into a full-time offer and he started his work with the government immediately following graduation.

2011 – Clint
Software Engineer at Pioneer
“Pioneer is fantastic. I love the work I’m doing. They’re keen on training and making sure I have all the help I need, including unlimited access to bother all my coworkers for help… Last semester’s independent study, Capstone, and Prof. Brodie’s iPhone course were particularly helpful in preparing me for working with clients and keeping them informed and happy.”

2011 – Lindsey
Information Technology Systems Analyst at Principal Works on systems analysis in the web infrastructure department.

2011 – Greg
Application Developer at Nationwide Mutual Insurance Company

2011 – Nirendra
Freelance web developer. For a portfolio see: http://www.nirendra.com/

2011 – Jessica
Jessica double majored in Honors Mathematics and Computer Science while at Simpson College. For her honors research, Jessica looked at and tested models for assigning rooms and times for the administration of final exams for a college. Jessica was accepted into the Peace Corps program in sub-Saharan Africa and will consider graduate school options after the completion of her assignment.

2011 – Alejandro
Alejandro interned for the Iowa Web Company while at Simpson, and started working there full-time after college.

2011 – Brad
Software developer at SHAZAM. “I wanted to thank you for being a reference on my recent application with SHAZAM. I also wanted to let you know that they did offer me the position… I am really excited about the position and my future with the company…I wasn’t planning on even majoring in Computer Science until I took fundamentals my freshman year. The experience I had in that class is what convinced me to add it as a double major.”

2010 – Craig
Programmer at Quality Consulting, Inc.
Craig did an internship at QCI the summer before his senior year, and now works for QCI’s EIS team.

2010 – Bryce
Senior Software Developer at Pioneer Hi-Bred International
Bryce double majored in Mathematics and Computer Science while at Simpson College. Bryce works for Pioneer Hybrid in Des Moines and was recently promoted to Senior Software Developer. He  is currently working on a Master’s in Computer Science through the University of Denver. “Currently, I’m working on an application that will be used worldwide and is responsible for billions of dollars’ worth of transactions. The application is also the start of a new initiative at Pioneer.”

2010 – Carl
Graduate Research Assistant at University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

While at Simpson College, Carl’s paper on gene regulatory networks was selected to be presented at Capitol Hill, in Washington D.C.

2010 – Andrew
Mathematical Statistician at U.S. Department of Agriculture/National Agricultural Statistics Service
Andrew double majored in Honors Mathematics and Computer Science and participated in basketball while at Simpson College. Andrew turned an internship with the National Agricultural Statistics Service Field Office in Des Moines into full-time employment. Andrew now works at the NASS field office in Madison, Wisconsin and has started working on a Master’s in Statistics at the University of Wisconsin. This past year he produced a number of farm related reports for the state of Wisconsin, including the Farm Labor & Livestock Slaughter Reports.

What about computer science minors?

2011 – Chadwick
Majors in Mathematics and Economics, and also a minor in Computer Science. Now he works as a programmer at LSS Data Systems in Minnetonka, Minnesota. He works on medical practice management software for clinical and billing use.

2010 – Eric
Eric double majored in Honors Mathematics and Economics and minored in Computer Science. Eric’s Honors research project focused on Financial Mathematics. Eric interned two summers for the Principal Financial Group in Des Moines as an Actuary and now is employed as an Actuary for Nationwide Insurance in Des Moines. Eric was recently named to the Recruiting Committee at Nationwide.

2010 – Raena
Raena majored in Mathematics and minored in Computer Science and Music while at Simpson College. Raena is currently employed at MidAmerican Energy as an Electric Scheduler in the Unregulated Retail Service Department. Raena uses regression models to forecast load and consumption.