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Management Information Systems (MIS) Classes

MIS 145 Management Information Systems and Business Intelligence

This course covers the fundamentals of information systems with an emphasis on business intelligence systems. The latest advances in these systems are covered along with topical references to ethical and societal issues. This course is designed to help students function more effectively and efficiently as managers, decision makers, and leaders in the business world. Students learn to use data analysis software for summarization and visualization of critical business data. Prerequisite: Experience using Microsoft Excel and Access. QUANT. Four credits. Offered every semester.

MIS 150 Business Application Development
The course will introduce the development of business applications by exploring the fundamentals of application development process, programming logic and syntax, program testing, and documentation.   Four credits.


MIS 220 E-Commerce
This course will cover topics associated with electronic commerce including information technologies and its impact on industries and organizational strategy, explore the process of developing and implementing e-commerce systems, identifying business opportunities, issues involving privacy, security, and marketing. Prerequisites: MIS 145. Four credits.


MIS 230 Knowledge Management
This course will cover topics to build an understanding of knowledge management from multiple perspectives within organizational structures. The objective is to explore current theories, practices, and techniques in knowledge management. Identification of the knowledge management stages of creation, acquisition, transfer, and utilization.   Prerequisites: MIS 145. Four credits.

MIS 300 Project Management

This course covers managing a project start up, scope, time lines, cost, quality, people, communications, risk, and procurement. The project management methods taught are suitable for a wide variety of project types such as software development or business projects. Project management software will be used to provide students with hands-on experience in a business environment. Four credits. Same as Management 300. COLLABLDR and WRITCOM. Offered every fall.

MIS 340 Systems Analysis and Design
This course will explore the practice of systems analysis, design concepts and techniques. Emphasis on the systems development life cycle and its phases, requirements definition, process and data modeling, testing, conversion, and implementation strategies. Prerequisites: MIS 145, MIS 150, and MIS 300. Four credits.


MIS 385 Senior Seminar in Information Systems
Topics in information systems will be explored through case studies of real-world situations, academic journals, current events, and research. Students will conduct literature reviews and critically analyze and discuss relevant literature. Students will complete a research paper demonstrating their knowledge of information systems and organizational impact. Prerequisites: MIS 145, MIS 150, MIS 300, and at least two of the required electives. Four credits.