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Carver Bridge Projects 2017-18

Project Presentations

This year, the Carver Bridge Scholars were able to present their projects at the Simpson Research and Creativity Symposium of 2018. Presentations consisted of either an oral presentation and/or poster presentations.

Norwalk Education Group

Carver Bridge recipients Sara Lawson and Nicole Ward have been paired with a Norwalk district teacher. Their culminating project for the year was an investigation into research-based pedagogical decision-making in modern mathematics education.

EMC Insurance Group

Carver Bridge recipients Ben Christensen, Genevieve Block, and Tristan Duncan have been paired with mentors from EMC Insurance Company. The students have been given an actuary-based project that allows them to model Autonomous vehicles, and how they will affect the Insurance industry.

Principle Financial Group

Carver Bridge recipients Delia Matos, Sam Adeniyi, Harrison Smith, and Maddie Walter have been paired with mentors from Principal Insurance Company. This group has been assigned to create a phone application that is beneficial to both the young workforce and companies.  

Iowa State University Group

Carver Bridge recipients Molly Fisher, Manoj Rai, Lauren Villafuerte, and Cole Sigler have been paired with mentors from Iowa State University. The students have been assigned a project revolved around nanotechnology. Using both the Microsoft HoloLens and the Unity program, this group of students is currently in the process of designing molecular programmed Nano-systems to use in the future.

VCI Inc. Group

Carver Bridge recipients Oleg Nochvay and George Saucedo have been paired with mentors from VCI Incorporated. The students have been tasked with creating a single sign-on phone application.