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Major and Minor

What will I learn?

You will be taught to understand and use the chemical and physical nature of the world around you to advance your potential. Professors will take the time to help you pursue what interests you most.

You will cover elements, compounds, nomenclature, reactions and stoichiometry, reactions in aqueous solution, atomic structure, bonding and molecular structure, energy in chemical reactions and an introduction to organic chemistry.

What can I do with my degree?

Our students have been accepted into major graduate schools, including Washington University (St. Louis), the University of Notre Dame and the University of Michigan. They have landed jobs at a variety of companies. You could be next.

Explore the Chemistry Department

Have questions? You can find more information here. We'd also love to give you a tour of Simpson's campus and introduce you to a chemistry faculty member.


Simpson Success Stories

This is what success looks like

Our students and alumni share how Simpson helped them define achievement on their own terms

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Research sparks Simpson startup

Research sparks Simpson startup

Research collaboration between professor and student produces innovative genetic technology

What I learned as a student that was super important was that if you want to solve a big problem, it has to be interdisciplinary.

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Brendan Owings ’20

Brendan Owings ’20

Balancing extracurricular activites with coursework helped prepare the former student-athlete for the dental program at the University of Missouri-Kansas City

I feel prepared [for dental school] because I was able to learn effective time-management skills from balancing my classes and extracurriculars at Simpson.

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Travis Mickle '95

Travis Mickle '95

Pharmaceutical Research For ADHD

The challenge that still sticks out in my mind was going from organic lab to an English comp course and having to basically switch brains and my train of thought multiple times a day. By challenging me early on in my college career, I realized that I could do and be anything if I just set my mind to it.

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