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High School Theatre Festival

An opportunity for high school students and teachers to explore, learn and engage with the theatre

A full day of exciting workshops that help high school students and their teachers explore all aspects of theatre including movement, lighting design and stage combat. This theatre festival is a great opportunity to enhance a high school students understanding of theatre.

24th Annual High School Theatre Festival

October 19, 2020


The Enchanted Pig

A chamber opera with music by Jonathan Dove and libretto by Alasdair Middleton.

When you’re a princess you expect a fairytale wedding. You don’t expect your husband to be hairy, smelly and...a pig.

The three daughters of King Hildebrand enter a room in the castle containing a book which predicts their fortunes; two are to be married to princes, but Flora is to be married to a pig. Things must take place as the book decrees; but it transpires that the pig marrying Flora is in fact a prince under a spell. Does Flora have what it takes to break the spell?

We hope to see you there!

24th Annual High School Theatre Festival

Registration is open from August 31-October 9

The day begins with registration from 8:00-8:45 am. The festival will conclude by 2:30 pm.

Cost Option 1: Lunch is supplied by Simpson College
$15.00 per student and up to two teachers are free. The price includes workshops, hot lunch, and a ticket for The Enchanted Pig

Cost Option 2: Lunch is brought by the students
$9.00 per student and teachers are free. The price includes workshops and a ticket for The Enchanted Pig
In order to take advantage of this lower cost, your entire class must bring their own lunch.

For more information contact Ann Woldt, assistant professor of theatre, at 515-961-1327 or ann.woldt@simpson.edu.

Or contact Nancy Kirkendall, Theatre Arts administrative assistant, at 515-961-1647 or nancy.kirkendall@simpson.edu