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High School Theatre Festival

An opportunity for high school students and teachers to explore, learn and engage with the theatre

A full day of exciting workshops that help high school students and their teachers explore all aspects of theatre including movement, lighting design and stage combat. This theatre festival is a great opportunity to enhance a high school students understanding of theatre.

22nd Annual High School Theatre Festival

November 19, 2018

William Shakespeare’s Titus Andronicus

Titus Andronicus was the first tragedy credited to England’s hero, William Shakespeare. Although very popular in its time, Titus has become his most notorious work. Set against a backdrop of war in the final years of the Roman Empire, the play explores the unbreakable bonds between parents and their children, the devastations of loss, and cycles of revenge.

We hope to see you there!

Annual High School Theatre Festival

Registration is open from September 19 - October 31.

The day begins with registration from 8:30-9:00 am. The festival will conclude before 2:30 pm.

Cost Option 1: Lunch is supplied by Simpson College
$15.00 per student and up to two teachers are free. The price includes workshops, hot lunch, and a ticket for Titus Andronicus.

Cost Option 2: Lunch is brought by the students
$9.00 per student and teachers are free. The price includes workshops and a ticket for Titus Andronicus
In order to take advantage of this lower cost, your entire class must bring their own lunch.

For more information contact Ann Woldt, assistant professor of theatre, at 515-961-1327 or ann.woldt@simpson.edu.

Or contact Nancy Kirkendall, Theatre Arts administrative assistant, at 515-961-1647 or nancy.kirkendall@simpson.edu