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Simpson Productions 2022-23

Join us for the 2022-2023 season!

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Gallantry: A Soap Opera & Trouble in Tahiti

October 28-30, 2021
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Gallantry: A Soap Opera

Music by Douglas Moore, Libretto by Arnold Sundgaard

A surgeon has fallen in love with the anethetist, who in turn loves the patient on the table! Gallantry is a musical farce centering on a television soap opera set in a hospital's operating room. Critical moments are, of course, interrupted by commercials.

Trouble in Tahiti

Music and Libretto by Leonard Bernstein

Trouble in Tahiti tells the story of a day in the life of two married people who appear to have the perfect life, but both are longing for something more.






Little Women

November 18-20, 2021
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By Kate Hamill, Adapted from the novel by Louisa May Alcott

The heartfelt story of Jo and her three sisters comes to life in this new adaptation by Kate Hamill. This brand-new version honors the spirit of Alcott’s original while freshly interpreting it for a new era.  “As the nation is torn apart by civil war, Jo and her sisters struggle with what it means to grow up.  Restrictive gender roles, political beliefs, poverty, and even love itself threaten  to break family ties, as the March sisters try to reconcile their identities with society’s demands. How do you stay true to yourself when the world wants you to become a perfect little woman?



Cabildo & Cendrillon

February 17-19, 2023
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By Amy Beach

A tour group in New Orleans visits where pirate Pierre Lafitte was imprisoned in 1814. Captivated, Mary dreams of the story of Lafitte’s escape. Was love his key to freedom or is that just wishful thinking?  Written in 1932 and incorporating folk and Creole influences, Cabildo is the only opera from pioneering composer Amy Beach.


By Pauline Viardot

Cendrillon is a chamber operetta that takes a more lighthearted approach to Perrault's original fairy tale, Cinderella.  The evil stepmother is replaced with a bumbling and clueless stepfather and the Fairy Godmother appears as a guest at the party and entertains the guests with a song.



Twilight Bowl

March 24-26, 2023
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By Rebecca Gilman

After graduating from a small Wisconsin high school, Sam prepares to head to college on scholarship—but her cousin Jaycee’s future isn’t looking as bright. As the young women and their friends face adulthood, their local bowling alley becomes a place to celebrate triumphs, confront challenges and forge new identities.


Festival of Short Plays 2023: Commedia dell'arte and Molière

April 20-22, 2023
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The Festival of Short Plays will explore the comedic plays of Molière.  This is the 20th annual Festival of Short Plays produced entirely by students at Simpson College.